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It always great challenge for indie filmmaker to come up not only with a good story for new film, but also to find a financial support. But in the end, the only thing the viewer gets is not the struggle the filmmaker had on his way to make his dream come true, but the ready project, and perhaps, a beautiful and memorable film. Alberto Diamante`s THE BOOKSTORE promises to be one of those films that will leave satisfied everyone: it has an interesting plot, well-written script with some great dialogues. After all, we all like to watch a film that makes us feel smarter. THE BOOKSTORE tells the story of George D`Amico, a cranky shopkeeper, who, by helping a teenager win over a girl`s heart, finds the inspiration to resolve his own professional and romantic issues with his girlfriend. It’s a comical look at the relationship between love and literature.

MOVIEMOVESME.COM is pleased to presents the interview with Alberto Diamante who gladly shares his upcoming  project with you.

MOVIEMOVESME: Can you talk about the movie and its plot?

Alberto Diamante: I play George, a crusty bookstore manager, who helps a teenager, Bryan, win the girl of his dreams using poetry, literature and knowledge of Italian. Meanwhile, Bryan teaches me to be a nicer person.  The key to the story is George teaching Bryan about Romanticism. Some of the greatest lovers in the world were Italian: Casanova, Rodolfo Valentino, Flavio Briatore. The most famous lovers in history are Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare set thirteen of his plays in Italy. Why? Because Italy is the country of love. That’s what I impart to Bryan, as I help him appreciate literature more. In turn, Bryan teaches my character to be less cynical and more optimistic.

MOVIEMOVESME: There are many films out there and it’s hard to convince the viewers to watch all of them. What is it that you believe The Bookstore has something that those forgettable movies do not have?

Alberto Diamante: Well, first of all, this is the only script ever turned down by Nicolas Cage. That alone should make audiences curious about what this ragtag bunch of prodigies are doing. Also, it’s the only film that will literally make you seem smarter. Basically, I have read about a thousand books so you don’t have to. All you have to do is watch this film and you will appear to be about 35% smarter. Just quote lines from this film and people will assume that you are the most cultured person they’ve ever met.

On a serious note, the film is a labour of love for all of us. The script is already getting accolades, having finished in the top 3 scripts for the month of July 2015 on Francis Ford Coppola’s filmmakers’ website, Zoetrope. It’s a hilarious script, full of humour, pathos and awesome conversations.

MOVIEMOVESME: You have an interesting and quite young cast. Can you talk about them?

Alberto Diamante: My main actors are absolutely spellbindingly talented. Sharon Belle, who plays my girlfriend, is one of the co-stars of Carmilla, a web series that has totaled over 20 million hits on YouTube. Incidentally, she is 6’1” and has a black belt in karate, so she will help us out with security, as well. Andre Colquhoun is an accomplished actor, singer, dancer and musician. He has starred in such theatrical productions as Willy Wonka and Beauty and the Beast. Alexandre Bourgeois has also starred in several plays and films. He has studied under some of the most prestigious acting coaches in Toronto. Madison Claringbold is a musical freak. She has starred or co-starred in many musicals, including Shrek and The Jungle Book. She, too, is an accomplished singer and dancer.

MOVIEMOVESME: You have launched an Indiegogo campaign for “The Bookstore”. What will happen with project if you won’t be able to reach the goal with Indiegogo?

Alberto Diamante: I have back up plans: I can build my own casino. They say those things are made of money. People bet, lose, then bet again. Mysteriously, the fact that guests keep losing doesn’t seem to deter them. They keep coming back and give you more. Alternatively, I can work in a toll booth. I hear people drive by and just give you money for no reason. The only job requirement, I suppose, is to have two inter-connected butt cheeks.

But seriously, the film will be made regardless. We are building a momentum and are approaching private investors aside from our Indiegogo efforts.

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