Film Review: “Brooklyn” (2015) ★★★★★


Every time you leave your country for another, you always have high expectations for the new place. However, only strong will, determination and hard work will bring you success as an immigrant. When Eilis departs Ireland for Brooklyn, she leaves two people behind, her sister Rose and her mother. By the time the ship sails, Eilis knows one thing for certain, that Brooklyn will be a better place to start a new chapter in her life. But when she returns to Ireland, it’s not the way she left it: now it has the opportunities she never had before, such as an excellent job that will help her to grow in the career path, and a young gentleman who is willing to devote his life for her. Now, it’s up to Eilis to decide which country she wants to live in: America, that which gave her more than her homeland, or Ireland, which is now ready to open previously closed doors for her.

When the film begins, we find Eilis carrying a light luggage prior to her departure. Her sister Rose gives all her precious belongings and money that should help Eilis in Brooklyn. Here, you must pay attention to the facial expressions of Rose (played by Fiona Glascott) to understand the real intention of everything or anything she says to her sister. When Eilis arrives in Brooklyn, she stays in a mini-boarding house, and begins studying bookkeeping at an evening college. Everything seems to be going well. She even meets an Italian fellow Tony, who simply adores her. Their relationship improves every day and seems nothing can stop them from being happy, until the day when Eilis leaves to visit her family.

Brooklyn is a great treat for any movie lover as it gives you everything you need. It has all the right ingredients to be considered one of the best films of the year: superb performances delivered by the entire cast. Saoirse Ronan as Eilis and Emory Cohen as Tony are unforgettable. Their on-screen chemistry, which permeates through their gentle, caring performance is one of the factors that will leave you delighted.
In the end, despite having many turn arounds, Brooklyn once again will remind us that life is always about making choices. A choice that will either take us forward or backward. Eilis should decide which way she should go: to follow her dream, or stay where she feels comfortable. Whatever her answer is, she, and you, must not miss the chance to find it out, by taking a little trip to see John Crowley’s Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN opens November 20
in Toronto (Varsity) and Vancouver (Park)!

The film opens December 11 in Halifax, Ottawa,
Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria,
December 18 in Montreal, with other dates to follow.

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