TV Show Review: “Quantico” (2015 – ) ★★


There are many TV shows and movies made about FBI and its agents. But none of them looked so awfully unconvincing and undeservingly silly the way it’s shown in ABC’s QUANTICO. Despite having a sensitive, tricky and quite popular topic such as terrorist attacks, QUANTICO really fails to execute it in a believable way. And if the creators of the show are trying to bring another Homeland, then perhaps, they need to start showing Priyanka Chopra’s Alex Parrish tired, exhausted from being on the run, having swollen eyes because of sleepless nights due to the importance to clear her name, and desperate enough to believe her. And for that, they do not need to go far to refer to what kind of look a lead actor must have; they can see Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison to learn how an actor must transform himself from real self to a character he is about to portray.

QUANTICO begins with Alex Parrish, whose voice we hear behind the camera where she narrates about being framed in a terrorist attack 7 months ago. With the help of flashbacks, the viewer in every episode will be taken back to the FBI Quantico Base where young FBI recruits are training at the Quantico base in Virginia. However, shortly after you will know that one of the recruits is a sleepy terrorist. Meantime, Alex Parrish tries to clear her name, however, the FBI lead agents refuse to believe her and start chasing her step by step. And in the end, a woman who wanted to become one of the best agents quickly becomes the most wanted person.

First of all I must confess, I had hopes from QUANTICO. However, all what I learned from it is it has no cleverly written script, intelligently constructed narratives, acceptable dialogues, and the characters you don’t care about. The FBI itself looks so terrible that you wish there is no such agent existing in real life. Otherwise we are all doomed to something really bad. Liam O’Connor (played by Josh Hopkins) is a lead investigator of the terrorist attacks who shows no interest in finding the real bad guys, but prefers to run after Alex Parrish, who might find out about his past; something that can ruin his career. Deputy Director Clayton (played by Mark Pellegrino) finally starts thinking that Alex Parrish might not be the one who they must arrest, however, his priority looks like is his personal life rather than his country, who might find itself in another terrorist attack. But of course, the best part of this show is Priyanka Chopra, whose Alex looks always fresh, clean, stylish, gets enough sleep despite her being 24 hours on the run.

In conclusion, if you’re a HOMELAND fan, then you better skip watching QUANTICO. Because after seeing Claire Danes’ stupendous performance and truly amazing transformation into crazy, unpredictable, but meantime, great analyst like Carrie Mathison, I am sure you will appreciate Priyanka Chopra’s Alex Parrish less who always looks like she just left a beauty salon rather than showing how vulnerable, desperate, tired of being framed, but determined to prove the entire world that she is innocent.

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