Film Review: “Creed” (2015) ★★★★★

Photo by Barry Wetcher - © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Barry Wetcher – © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Rocky Balboa is a legacy, a legend, and one of the most memorable characters ever created in movie history. And if you think otherwise, then perhaps, you must see Rocky’s Creed, where you will witness how a new generation of Rocky is created by an old man, who used to be one of the greatest boxers, the famous Rocky Balboa. What happens in Creed is something I did not see coming: it’s clever, well-balanced, emotional and a beautiful film about one young man named Adonis Creed, Apollo Creed’s son, who pursues the goal to become a champion. But in order to make his dream come true, Adonis needs possibly only one man on Earth, who will be able to bring him to the pedestal and prove he is not a mistake, the former World Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Balboa.

When the film begins we find Adonis as a little boy who has already earned the reputation of a troubled child who fights all the time. Probably, it’s his father’s gene that starts appearing in him, however, Adonis grows as a skillful boxer, who needs a bit more push to become a better one. Quitting his job after being promoted, we see how Adonis’ intention is real and big when he chooses to let go the comfort of his office for a gym, where he starts his intensive training. Despite the willingness, our hero feels the importance of having a good coach, and asks Rocky Balboa, a former rival and a friend of Apollo Creed, and one of the best boxers to have ever lived. The bond they develop becomes very strong where an old Balboa treats Adonis Johnson as his own son, and helps him to get required skills that can help him to stand against a stronger opponent.

There is always a strange feeling while you watch Ryan Coogler’s Creed, and that of course a great thing that helps you to maintain a certain mood throughout film and not lose it until the end. Probably, it’s the appearance of Stallone as Balboa, who now is on the other side of the boxing ring. The feeling of nostalgia is that strong that it appears in every single scene that will make you believe that you’re probably witnessing the birth of a new boxing legend, with the help of our beloved Rocky Balboa, who from now on will appear as a trainer and a mentor to Adonis. Coogler manages to keep the Balboa legacy alive like never before, showing you why we loved his character so much. But in some scenes strong humor appears where we see, whether we like it or not, an aging legend who is no longer as strong as he used to be.

The storytelling in Creed is so masterful that you will have a desire to watch it all over again. The last twenty minutes of the film is so emotional and well-crafted that you as a viewer will enjoy every minute of it, while in your head you will replay the whole Rocky Balboa series as you watch. The performances delivered by Stallone and Michael B. Jordan truly deserve an applause. In conclusion, this film never has a small gap or something that would destroy your impression. From the opening scene till the end credit, CREED will successfully grab your attention and leave you absolutely delighted once it ends. And will make you wish to have more films made about Rocky Balboa and Adonis Johnson.

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