Film Review: “The Santa Clause” (1994) ★★★

© 1994 - Walt Disney Studios. All rights reserved.
© 1994 – Walt Disney Studios. All rights reserved.

If it happens that you accidentally kill Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, be prepared to take over his job regardless of whether you want it or not. Scott Calvin has a great job, adorable son, Charlie and a quiet life. Soon he finds himself recruited to be Santa Clause after accidentally killing the real one on Christmas Eve. The journey he embarks himself with his son can truly be called as a real holiday miracle, that will open a new chapter in their uneventful life.

Scott promises to take good care of his son and spend a memorable night on Christmas Eve. Indeed, it becomes more eventful than our hero could have anticipated. When he and Charlie were about to fall into deep sleep, the little boy wakes up after hearing a strange noise coming from the roof and quickly wakes his father up. When Scott goes outside, he finds a man dressed like Santa falling down right to his legs all the way from the roof. Soon after dying, the body of Santa disappears leaving a little note, which, of course, Scott could not disregard. And since Santa’s mission was cut off right in the middle, Scott and Charlie quickly figured that they must continue Santa’s journey if they don’t want all kids in the world to stay without presents.

Even though the magical event occurs only one night, Charlie continues talking about it even at school, raising concern and questions if he is in the right state of mind. Because Charlie tells everybody that the North Pole exists, and he was right there with his father. Laura, Charlie’s mother, quickly questions Scott, demanding to stop talking about the existence of Santa Clause and ruining the well being of their son. Despite Scott’s attempt to do so, his quick transformation into a big man with a white beard raises even more questions than the answers. What if the confusion of a little child being caused by his father, who seemingly loses his mind while he’s becoming more like Santa than his real self? As the film unfolds, Scott and Charlie must face all possible challenges to overcome it, while the world is about to meet a man who gladly decorates the Christmas spirit with his presence.

John Pasquin’s The Santa Clause is one of rare films about Santa that has no villain to face against. Tim Allen’s role as Santa Clause was his first ever leading role and it proves that he could have been better Santa than any other actor could imagine. His great transformation is a real proof to that. Overall, The Santa Clause is quite an enchanting film, and an absolute delight to watch at Christmas time with entire family. It’s harmless, a bit naïve, and easy to watch film that once again reminds us why we all love to believe in miracles.

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