TV Review: “And Then There Were None” (2015) ★★★★

© BBC Pictures
© BBC Pictures

There is nothing better than a film or mini- series based on Agatha Christie’s novel. But certainly it draws double attention when it is based on one of the most difficult novels ever written, “And Then There Were None”. Arguably, it would not be so intense, gripping and so engaging to watch if the TV series would not have been made in the UK, and since it is, now imagine how great and worthwhile it is to watch. If you have read the novel, then there is no surprise to you that it follows the story of ten strangers invited by a mysterious host to an isolated island, and soon after, shows them its hospitality by killing them one by one. So the question is, who is that person who is so wicked that he enjoys killing his guests?

BBC’s series begins with ten strangers who, one after another, receive an invitation for various reasons to visit an island.  But when they get to their destination, they find only two servants who, like them, have no clue about the whole point of the party. Soon, the first death shakes them. Realising that they are a part of a mysterious game where they lose their lives the way it’s written in a poem about ten soldiers. As those remaining try to solve the puzzle, soon the amount of survivors will be lesser, while you as a viewer must figure it out who is that person who stands behind such an unthinkable crime.

It’s remarkable seeing how “And Then There Were None” delivers the chilling atmosphere filled with an endless mystery, giving it an appraisable adaptation of Christie’s novel. With only three episodes, it captures the desperation of the guests, who are locked in the island without even a chance to escape, not even the crime they have committed previously. But all this is a great game against a great mind, that is certainly, deliberately attacking its targets, leaving them no chances for survival.

While the viewer is amazed by the operator’s work, performance, and amazing screenplay written by Sarah Phelps, it will make you to enjoy every minute of it, while the intensity grows, making those wonder who, for some reason, had no chance to read the novel. But even if you read it, it will still grab your attention and transport you to the island, where you, as with all those guests must experience the horror awaiting ahead of them.

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