TIFF Canada’s Top Ten Student Short Review: Ms. Liliane (2015) ★★★★★


There is no need to worry about receiving an upsetting phone call when you work in a primary school with full of pure-hearted students. Ms. Liliane, during one of her lessons, expects a phone call that may help her settle her day. Her student, Mathieu, is also having one of those hyper days that make him unable to sit quiet in the classroom. However, when he notices the bad mood of his teacher after talking over the phone, he does his best to put a smile on her face.

When Ms. Liliane begins, the classroom is already full of students that are getting ready to read the book assigned by their teacher. However, Mathieu uses every opportunity to distract himself from studying by disturbing his classmates. Meantime, Ms. Liliane keep looking at her phone, anticipating it to ring any time. But when it happens, she stands outside of the class and quietly listens over the phone something unpleasant we can’t really hear about. This is when Mathieu turns from troubled student to a thoughtful and nice little man that is about to fix Ms. Liliane’s day by beautifying it with charm and magic that only a child can bring.

Ms. Liliane” is a short film directed by Junna Chif and is to be presented as part of Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival in Toronto in Students Short Program. It’s such a delight to see a film that within a short time can make you smile, or perhaps, to bring a tears of joy as you watch the film. Of course, that won’t happen until you get to the end of the film. But what is important is Junna Chif manages to deliver the point of the film by showing that no matter how hard it is to cope with something that’s outside your control, like in the case of Ms. Liliane, at the right place and at the right time there is always someone who can make you forget about the problem that occupies your mind by bringing a bit of color to your black-and-white day.

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