TIFF Canada’s Top Ten Student Short Review: “Cupid” (2015) ★★★


classical mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, attraction and affection. Now imagine, what if in one of those Valentine’s Days you meet a guy who’s the Cupid himself? He is so perfect and lovable that you can’t take your eyes off him? Padideh (Samantha Spatari), at an uneventful party, meets Cupid (Greg Hovanessian) and falls for him right away without even knowing that he is a magical figure.

“Cupid”, directed by Maria De Sanctis, may now offer you a unique story, however, it’s pleasant enough to enjoy it. The story begins with Greg, who falls from the sky with the arrow of love, looking for someone to hit at Valentine’s Day. But when he sees Padideh, he falls in love with her immediately. However, his perfect and caring attitude towards her is so impeccable that it complicates their relationship soon after… So does it mean that Cupid will never be able to win the heart of Padideh, or, he is just destined to bring love to others, but never experience it himself?

Despite this movie having been made by a young filmmaker, Cupid has its own charisma that flies in the air throughout the film. That probably also happens because of convincing performances delivered by Greg Hovanessian and Samantha Spatari. The film itself is also well narrated, making the viewer to watch it with great pleasure. It also has some solid scenes where you can tell that Maria De Sanctis took a right direction in her directorial approach. Overall, it’s a feel-good movie about Valentine’s Day, Cupid and his relationship he so believes in. But more importantly, this movie is about love that sometimes can bring more pain than pleasure. After all, each situation is different, isn’t it?


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