Film Review: “What an Idiot” (2014) ★★★★


There are many films made about men who lie about their identity to get closer to the women of their dreams. But only a few have made it to my shortlist of the cutest films ever made. Believe it or not, even to my great surprise, Peter Benson’s WHAT AN IDIOT film is one of them. Benson’s film touches the abovementioned subject, but tells it in a quite charming manner. Despite its slow beginning, it ends up an amusing film about one man who, with support of his best friends, uses an old but surefire way to earn the affection of a woman he is madly in love with.

Nick’s personal life is not that successful. His recent girlfriend ends up with another man right before his eyes. Thinking to quit from any relationship, Nick, a bit relieved from recent stress heads to work not knowing that there is someone awaiting to occupy his heart. Jackie (Julia Benson) is independent, strong and, a lonely woman, who just became Nick’s boss. Nick falls in love with her from the first sight, but does not know how approach her. This is why the idea to pretend being gay became his first option, when he finds out that Jackie likes hanging out with gay people.

That unexpected moment comes when Jackie thinks that Nick tried to approach her in an unprofessional manner. This is why to defend himself and hide his true feeling towards her, our hero decides to change the tactic. As the film progresses, the wall being created by Jackie slowly disappears, allowing herself to trust more to her new gay friend, while Nick must face the reality he created for himself, as a newly-made gay man. As he enters the world of Jackie, he falls for her even more, while she starts feeling the same towards him. While it’s an absolute joy watching two actors performance and their affection towards each other, you also must note that this would not be so visible if Julia and Peter Benson would not have been a real life couple.

In conclusion, WHAT AN IDIOT is a surprisingly funny film, and sometimes, simply hysterical. Peter Benson and Julia Benson not only feel the story, but rather bring a cute atmosphere with their presence. They breath new life into their characters, and lead the film smoothly, even though the beginning of it was not that promising. In the end, WHAT AN IDIOT will leave you delighted with an impressive amount of laughter, which thankfully, was not dull at all.


NOTE: What an Idiot releases in Canada in select theatres February 5, and on demand and iTunes February 9. The film, which won the Best Comedy Feature at the Red Dirt International Film Festival and Best Director at the LA Comedy Festival, was written and directed by Peter Benson (Death Do Us Part), who stars, along with his wife, producer Julia Benson (SGU Stargate Universe), Lochlyn Munro (Scary Movie) and Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek).

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