TV Review: “The Night Manager” (2016 – ) ★★★★★


It’s fascinating to see how Television is becoming bigger and bigger with every passing day. Not too long ago was it hard to imagine A-List actors on TV; today it’s a common thing to see someone like Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch, Reese Witherspoon or Nicole Kidman (soon to be seen in HBO’s Big Little Lies) appear on the small screen. This time, BBC aims higher, by targeting its own citizen, Richard Onslow Roper (played by Hugh Laurie, House), who finances arm dealers with money and opens the gate to sell guns to various terrorist organizations. However, there is one man who goes against one of the most powerful man in England, Jonathan Pine (played by Tom Hiddleston), who is recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate an international arms dealer’s network.

It’s incredible how smoothly the series begins. It leaves you nothing but to be amazed by its high quality you wish to have more on TV today. Jonathan Pine works as the Night Manager in Cairo’s luxurious hotel. Imperturbable Jonathan seems to do well to handle his temper while skillfully hiding his feelings from the rest of the world. However, that changes soon when he meets Sophie Alekan (Aure Atika), who manages to melt his heart within a short amount of time. The mysterious woman, knowing that Jonathan has some feelings towards her, asks him to copy a top secret document that can cause her to lose her life.

Shortly after, she was justified of her fear when she’s killed by her dangerous boyfriend, Freddie Hamid (David Avery), for passing someone the sensitive files. When Jonathan finds Sophie killed, he is aggrieved and makes it his personal duty to go against the powerful and rich man, Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie), who is responsible for her death. Four years later, Jonathan is working in Zermatt, Switzerland, where he waits for an important guest, Mr. Roper. This is when you will find out that Hiddleston’s character is being recruited by British Intelligence Agencies to spy on Roper, whose second job is arms-dealing and is closely related to terrorist organizations.

The Night Manager is based on Le Carre’s classic spy novel that completely recreates a mysterious atmosphere. Tom Hiddleston shines as Jonathan Pine, while Hugh Laure appears as a dangerous villain, whose path you better not cross. From the beginning of the episode till its last second, you simply can’t afford losing your attention. It makes the viewer to concentrate on the story, characters, scenery and intelligent writing, which I must say, is brilliant. It also delivers a high excitement beyond your imagination, which you will certainly appreciate. It’s not only well worth your time, but it’s worth to watch it all over again, as every time when you watch the same episode, you learn details that you missed before.

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