Film Review: “Steve Jobs” (2015) ★★★★★


The first time I heard of Danny Boyle’s STEVE JOBS, I said to myself to skip it. After all, we all know enough about Steve Jobs, and there is nothing new that can be told about him. However, despite that, I let myself accommodate with a time to watch it. And now I must say that I was spectacularly wrong. This film is built entirely on constant dialogues, performances, and the storytelling, which is where Aaron Sorkin usually shines. Now tell me how is it possible that a movie such as this, with two hours of running time, where people talk and talk, but still never bore you? Believe me, this is the least I can tell about this truly outstanding film.

Boyle’s STEVE JOBS takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution, where Jobs is shown as a great conductor, who leads a big orchestra. The story unfolds in the backstage drama at three iconic product launches, ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the Mac. In the meantime, we get a chance to get closer to the relationship between Jobs, Steve Wozniak and John Sculley, and all behind the scenes drama we knew very little about. Meanwhile, you get a chance to look up close at Jobs’ conflict with Chrisann Brennan, and his daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, who for several years he denied paternity.

Joanna Hoffman (played by Kate Winslet) appears to be one of the few who could successfully engage with Jobs. Their endless dialogues is a joy to listen. Especially when they have an argument over Jobs’ daughter Lisa, where Joanna demands to acknowledge her as his daughter. As the film unfolds, you find Jobs being fired by John Sculley, and his tough relationship with Steve Wozniak, an inventor and computer programmer who single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I, the computer that launched Apple.

Overall, using high-tech terms throughout the film and delivering super-fast dialogues is what makes this film a must-see. This should not happen because of Jobs, but because of dazzling performances delivered by Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet. Every time when it comes to acting, you should know, that you don’t need to have a bunch of Oscars or other awards in order to be considered a great actor. For Michael Fassbender, it has always has been about quality, not quantity. If Steve Jobs was a genius and inventor from the technology world, then Fassbender is also an inventor in his own way, who creates his own way of acting that many actors must just look and learn from.

In conclusion, Danny Boyle again does outstanding job as a filmmaker, who is not afraid of making a film that Hollywood-type-of-movie-lovers may not even get close to. The directorial approach, the camera work and editing is the key factor in this film that gives actors enough room for exposure. It’s a great story of a great man whose legacy will never be forgotten. It is also a bravura time for the Fassbender-Winslet duo, that will make you to expect more films from this two leading actors. In conclusion, this film may not give you enough information you seek for, however, it gives you enough to go with and accept it the way it’s been presented by the filmmaker. Believe me, after you watch it you won’t wish to have more. It’s already great as it is!

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