Canadian Film Festival 2016 Review: “Divorce Photographer” (2015) ★★★★★


It’s always good to have a wedding photographer around in case you decide to marry. However, before you chose one, ensure that person has no emotional breakdowns or breakups that will change her focus from you to her problems. In Christine Buijs’ short film DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER, you will see a great example of how stressful, but in the meantime, entertaining it is to be a photographer.

Film begins with Carla (Amy Matysio), who’s on the beach taking a picture of a newly wed couple. Seeing their happiness and inner harmony, she at first admires it, but seconds later goes insanely mad. She not only starts yelling at the couple, but throws her camera away refusing to capture any of their precious moments. That happens because Carla is trying to recover from a bad breakup and no longer can believe in a long and stable marriage.

Right after, Carla reveals to her friend Kayla (Nicole Stamp) that she no longer wants to take pictures of newly weds but wants to travel. Kayla also does not a have fruitful life as she is going through a brutal divorce. During their conversation, one of the most brilliant ideas occurs to Carla – what if she retrains to become a divorce photographer? This is when the most entertaining and hilarious part of the film begins, when Carla starts visiting one divorce process after another. And now imagine how unpredictable those ceremonies can be?

The title of the film, DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER, does not give you much to expect from. After all, who enjoys staring at how after an unsuccessful marriage a couple decides to end it? Also, nothing would have promised that the quality of the film will also be a majestic one. However, after you begin to watch it, you will find yourself laughing throughout the film, which is only eight minutes. Buijs’ writing is concise and right to the point, with some ridiculously funny scenes.  Amy Matysio who portrays Carla seems to have enjoyed her role, as by looking at her you can certainly see her character as vulnerable, disappointed, but not yet hopeless.

In conclusion, DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER is an excellent comedy with some life teaching lessons. It emphasizes that there is no complete happiness in any way, until you find what you’re looking for. Carla is a free bird who knows what exactly she wants. But being extremely emotional does not help her to see it right away, as she allows herself to witness, and moreover, to enjoy the unfortunate phase of people’s life. It’s well directed, although it’s the performance what I enjoyed most. It’s always important to deliver your best when it comes to short films because no matter what it’s length is, film is still a film. And I am extremely happy to see that everyone in DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER were aware of that.

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