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Canadian Film Festival 2016 Review: “Duty Calls” (2016) ★★★

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It’s always hard for policemen to handle dangerous situations. But the most challenging one is when you have to face a drunk person who can provoke any one with a stable state of mind to unpredictable action. But when duty calls, you as a cop must go to fulfill your duties no matter what.…

“Duty Calls” follows a drunken woman (Debra McGrath) who begins to kick up a row in a downtown bar after having a solid amount of alcohol. The bartenders could not handle her any longer and call for the police. When a cop arrives, he looks so calm as if he has the entire situation under control. However, the woman continues yelling at the cop, constantly testing his patience. But when she accidentally punches him right on his face, he leaves her no choice but to arrest her….

However, the arrest does not happen the way you are used to seeing in Hollywood films. Still calm, the cop takes her his car and drives her straight to her home. But the true power of human relationship comes right when he gets to her house and with extreme care looks after her as if he has known her for a much longer time that you can imagine.…

Seán Cullen, who wrote the screenplay, plays the cop’s part as well with such smoothness and coolness that it does not really surprise you his connection with the character he portrays. With only nine minutes’ length, DUTY CALLS tells more than any words could tell. It explores much deeper meaning in it, while the ending of it will make you replay the entire film in your mind all over again. But there is no need to look for the answers, but to look into the human condition, and its dynamic relationship that is all what matters. I just wish we could get more heartwarming films like this to teach us that to be humane is more important than being a human being.


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