Film Review: “Seve the Movie” (2014) ★★★★


Each athlete chooses his own way to reach to the top of the pedestal. Some get worldwide recognition, some will never get recognized no matter how hard they try. When you watch John-Paul-Davidson’s “Seve the Movie”, you realize Seve Ballesteros was an athlete before he was born, and a champion before he realized he will become one. And there was no need for him to get the credit for something that was already on his plate and ready to be served….

“Seve The Movie” is a docudrama with some stunning archive footage to tell the incredible story of Seve Ballesteros. It cleverly syncs the past and present in such a way that you will feel you’re in a time capsule. However, the most defining moment of Seve happens when he was still young, and chooses to commit action rather than to dream. He would skip his school in order to practice golf. His passion for golf had no limits, as everyday he would learn a new technique. This is when it’s not Seve himself, but the actors recreate one of the most important part of his life.

As the film continues, we find out more fascinating facts about Seve’s life and his love for golf. More importantly, it seemed like playing golf was in the the DNA of his family, as his elder brothers have played it as well. However, they all accepted that if there’s someone who can win The Masters, it has to be Seve. The big victory comes shortly after, when an already grown up and mature Seve is at his first major games as a professional. That day he earns not only the championship title but millions of hearts as well.

By the middle of the middle, when Seve tells his story, you will find him as the World No. 1, and one the sport’s leading figures from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. However, what this film beautifully captures is a family bone the Ballesteros family shared, that no matter how hard it was for them, they would always support Seve’s passion that eventually made him win the Open three times, The Masters twice and many other Awards.

In conclusion, “Seve the Movie” brings back to life a story that we all must know. Despite having a cheerful atmosphere, by the time when you reach the end of the film, you will find yourself too emotional to be able to control your tears. It’s an inspiring story of man who at the age of six taught himself the game with a broken 3 iron strapped to a stick, and later on, became one of the greatest golfers of his generation. Indeed, passion, determination and persistence is the key to success, that Seve Ballesteros knew well how to combine them all together to get the greatest result.

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