Hot Docs 2016 Review: Werner Herzog`s “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World” (2016) ★★★★★


Internet has its own advantages and disadvantages that we may not recognize right away. However, time has proved that no matter what, it is easy to imagine that soon, if not now, an artificial mind may join us before we realize it.

Internet is one of the superbly imaginative innovations mankind can appreciate. But the question here is not how happy we are about surfing all over the internet, but its influence not only on our daily life, but to our planet, that can change significantly. Werner Herzog, in his Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World  once again showcases his brilliant mind by coming up with, I must say, one of the interesting ways of exploring the internet and the connected world.

It begins with the campus of University of California where Herzog explains that not many students are aware of the origin story occurring at that exact place. Shortly after, Leonard Kleinrock, an internet pioneer, UCLA invites you to one of the most precious locations where the internet began. As Herzog explores ”The Glory of the Net”, the computer scientists of Carnegie Mellon opens up about the great opportunities the internet has brought to us.

While Herzog researches the bright side of the net, it’s however, the dark side of it that will mostly be stuck in your mind. The family shares the most terrifyingly devastating part of their life, where their loved one dies in a tragic car accident. Although, what happens next is what puts the entire family in shock, when a picture of an unrecognized car with the dead body of their daughter, thankfully to social network, travelled all over the web. That could have been easily prevented, but the internet gives enough freedom to sick-minded people to do unimaginable things on the internet.

As the film continues, Herzog takes you to the part where you can witness what could have happened in case of the end of the net. But shortly after, you will find yourself listening to how the Earth can be invaded by artificial minds, if we don’t stop experimenting with artificial minds so much. But, it’s the future of internet, Mr. Herzog tries to conclude his journey by showing us all type of aspects of having internet; why it’s good to have it; and why this technology can be the most dangerous weapon human beings created to destroy its own planet.

In conclusion, Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is extremely entertaining, intelligent and educational documentary film that should interest you no matter how old you are. It not only educates you, it shows you detailed examples, engaging interviews and walks you through every single scene, as if you were a pupil in one of the advanced universities in our planet. The university, called Werner Herzog, is with full of bright ideas you wish would share more with us.

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