Film Review: “Ratchet & Clank” (2016) ★★★★


Are you by any chance stuck somewhere in Solana Galaxy and waiting for a fearless hero to rescue your planet? If you think that by the end of the day there will nothing left of your planet due to a horrifying threat coming from Chairman Drek,  then I have something terrific to tell you: two dissimilar friends, Ratcher and Clank just team up and are on their way to not only save your planet but to clean it up from every single menace that’s sent from the enemy.

Ratchet is a mechanic who dreams of becoming a Galactic Ranger, but due to his height he was refused from joining the team. Soon, he finds a little robot named Clank, who warns Ratchet about the upcoming attack. And later on, when the planet was under fire by the enemies, lead by Victor Von Ion (Sylvester Stallone), Ratchet shows true heroism that allows him to save his planet from the initial attack and finally to join the force.

But because of the jealousy and manipulative mind of its leader, Captain Qwark (Jim Ward), the Solana Galaxy finds itself under extreme danger that only Ratchet and Clank, by using their imagination and strength, can fight back. When Ratchet and the Galaxy Rangers prepare for the big battle, a big surprise will come in the face of an even much bigger villain that even Chairman Drek could not resist….

I honestly did not expect “Ratchet and Clank” to be so entertaining, hilarious and an absolute delight to watch. The relationship between Ratchet and Clank, their friendship and the way how they try to find their identity is something that certainly will interest your little ones.  Even the film itself and the character development goes so smoothly and flawlessly that all what you need is to relax and allow yourself to be part of this galactic adventure.

The actors who gave their voice also did such an incredible job that it leaves an impression of live performance. By combining non-stop action, adventure, comedy and sci-fi genre all together, “RATCHET & CLANK” achieves an incredible result which will constantly please your eyes. In the end, it is certainly worth seeing by the entire family where children are not the only ones who will leave the theater fully satisfied. I really mean that! Because I was!


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