Film Review: “Green Room” (2015) ★★★★


It happens sometimes that when you go to see a horror film, you want to leave the screening before it even gets the chance to grab your attention. But what happens with Jeremy Saulnier’s “Green Room” is absolutely the opposite of it. When the film begins, you know something is coming… and when that happens you simply don’t want it to go away.

“Green Room” follows punk rockers, The Ain’s Right, who are about to finish up their unsuccessful tour. As they plan to quit from the stage due to their fading fame, the rockers receive an unexpected call that’s about to change everything for them significantly. After witnessing an act of violence backstage, they musicians hope to leave the club before things get worse… and it does get worse in a way that not everyone will make out of alive…

When the film begins, you find the punk rock band exhausted and ready to quit from music entirely. When you see them performing at the isolated club they were invited to, you realize that you don’t blame them for their desire to end their music. But their terrible performance, of course, was not the reason for violence (that would be a great story for comedy), but soon our heroes will be forced to exercise their other skill, hopefully, better than they are in music – the skill of survival.

When Amber’s friend (Imogen Poots) got killed backstage, our heroes happened to witness it, who now have been sent to the green room to wait for the police to arrive. However, soon they understand that they ended up in the hands of the club owner, an ill-minded man, Darcy Banker (Patrick Stewart) who wants to keep it secret anything that happens inside of his club. As our heroes are forced to fight for their lives, the game for survival begins quicker than anyone can imagine with consequences that you would wish to never happen.

Filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier directs a tasteful horror-thriller that will make you watch it with half-opened eyes. That of course does not happen all the time, but enough to witness the unfortunate fate of its heroes. The story develops so very quickly that you find your attention grabbed before you know it. It has an interesting approach to the story, with the right amount of violence scenes to not ruin your impression after you watch it. Of course, in such films you know that there is usually no happy ending, but the way Saulnier delivers the story you no longer care much about how it is going to end as long as you get the chance to see a quality film that actually cares about its viewers.

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