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Inside Out 2016: “Hunky Dory” (2016) ★★★


Before even starting to write my review of HUNKY DORY, I must say, first thing I did is to check the previous work of Tomas Pais, who co-wrote and played the central character in Michael Curtis Johnson’s film. His complete transformation was quite outstanding, where he literally disappears in Sidney’s skin.

Sidney is a rock style, a bit confused, bisexual and drag performer in one of the local clubs. Everything seems, more or less, acceptable for him when his former wife, Lurline, all of a sudden leaves their 11-year-old son George to him to look after. This unexpected plan change ruins Sidney’s daily routine, however, soon he learns to reconnect with his son and learns to be a father again.

At first, Sidney agrees with his ex-wife to spend some time with George. Thereafter, as the film progresses, you start feeling the tension growing in Sidney, as his eagerness to get back to his old life does not want to let him go. Despite that, Sidney and George share some sweet moments as father and son, where the man imitates David Bowie to make his son talk.

George also seems to agree with his father’s dress code, and does not mind seeing him dressing up like a woman. Moreover, the little boy expresses his desire to see his father on the stage when he’s all dressed up and performs one of the famous tunes. However, soon George begins asking questions about his mother’s whereabouts, which makes Sidney to worry about it even more. But the phone discussion Sidney has with his wife answers many questions, where you realize that it’s not only her, but Sidney also has some issues he better fix before it drives him insane.

HUNKY DORY is an interesting film that manages to find a balance between drama and some cute scenes which will bring you a smile. It explores Sidney’s troubled life as a man who’s always in search for cash, some sex with men and women, and drugs, which eventually does not allow him to have his head clear. But it’s George at the end of the day who appears as a game changer, maybe not for his mother, but for his father, who seems was in need to be helped more than George’s mother, who also in a way, is in a desperate situation.

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