Inside Out 2016: “The Intervention” (2016) ★★★★


What would you do if you notice that your friends are unhappily married? Would you interfere in their marriage and demand for divorce? How about your own life that needs to be revisited? Is your life is as clear as crystal and nothing to worry about? In Clea DuVall’s directorial debut, this film precisely explains what may happen if you decide to do what the heroes of this incredibly funny and moving movie did….

Peter and Ruby are married. However, their constant arguments make their best friends to set up a trip where they all decide to conduct an intervention on Peter and Ruby’s marriage. Seemingly perfect couples during this trip are forced to face the reality of life where they all come to realization that before fixing someone’s life, they better start doing it with their own.

While the movie itself is intended to be a comedy, at some point, it touches the dramatic aspect of the subject such as marriage, friendship, fixing the problems, or leaving them as it is. Even though the entire film is built on absolutely outstanding hilarious lines, sometimes you may find yourself a bit emotional due to the subject matter. The scene when Peter forces everyone in the room to examine their own life is powerful, as from that moment on everything changes in a good or better way, but still changes.

Annie is the most memorable character from the film, who no doubt got the best lines from Clea DuVall, who also cast herself in her own movie as Jessie. While you wait for every scene with Annie to enjoy the lines she had to deliver, it’s however the effort of the entire cast which turned Duvall’s film into a success. Everything this film has to offer is clever, wicked and bright. It delivers a life lesson in a way we all must be aware of. Yes, when it comes to fixing someone’s life we always forget to look at our own, which is the main problem when it comes to us, simple human beings.

It was absolutely surprising seeing how well Duvall’s managed to deliver her movie in such high levels. She showcases how a fearless filmmaker she can be when it comes to playing with the subject matter not many would be able to handle. It’s a well crafted film with zero reasons to complain about. The performance is solid, the character development is of top level, and last but not the least, is an absolutely engaging film from start till the end. So, if you ask me if THE INTERVENTION is worth seeing or not, my answer to you would be yes, and never ever doubt about that.

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