Inside Out 2016: “Loev” (2016) ★★★★


The best part of seeing an LGBT film is when you have to interrupt the screening of the film (which happened in my case) to check out again, whether if that particular film comes from that part of the world where gay relationship is prohibited and punishable by law. After doing a quick research I got back to watching it, still could not believe that this subtle, gentle gay love story comes from India, the country where Bollywood had never, at least I thought, got close to making such a sensational and revolutionary film.

Sahil is an aspiring musician with a kind and soft heart who lives in the apartment he shares with his sometimes irresponsible boyfriend Alex (Siddharth Menon). Alex’s irresponsibility comes from forgetting to pay the electricity bill which makes Sahil (Dhruv Ganesh) extremely angry. But since he is on his way to spend a weekend with his long time friend Jal (Shiv Pandit), Sahil is almost over the moon when he leaves for a journey with an unexpected outcome.

By the time when Sahil and Jal meet each other, there is some strange tension appearing between them. That tension is soon explained by their mutual attraction to each other, which will cause more trouble to both of them. We also find out that Jal tries to close an important deal, however, not everything goes smoothly which also impact the friends’ weekend trip.

It is unbelievable to see how the entire film is being presented. It’s beautiful and colorful and even strange in a way – in a good possible way. Dhruv and Shiv Pandit are truly remarkable together – both actors understand the need and importance of feelings to be displayed in the film, that they literally forget about awkwardness and perform their part with such ease that you want to applause them.

In conclusion, LOEV is Sudhanshu Saria’s first feature film which you can’t really tell. While LOEV is about love, it is also about the stability of relationships, and more importantly the friendship itself that once you allow yourself to cross the thin line there is no chance for whatever was done to be undone. In the end, it is certainly worthwhile seeing for many reasons, and one of it is because of the film itself that will leave you complete stunned.

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