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Inside Out 2016: “North Mountain” (2015) ★★★


Indie films funded with the help of Indiegogo site are always worthwhile seeing. “North Mountain” might not have Hollywood type action scenes or be overloaded with special effects, but it has a life story, or rather, a love story that makes one young man to fight for the life of a much older one, who he suddenly finds himself falling in love with.

Wolf is a young métis hunter who lives on the mountain. During one of his casual hunting days deep in the woods, he discovers Crane, an injured old man with a mysterious past. Wolf brings him back to his cabin where he lives with his grandmother, and looks after him. After sometime, the two men develop a bond that makes them fall for each other. But one day, Crane’s past comes back with dangerous men who won’t stop at nothing to get back what Crane has taken from them.

When the film begins, Wolf finds Crane unconscious in the woods, and immediately takes him under his wings. Wolf then did not know the danger the much older man may bring to his house. By the time when the two fall for each other, Wolf kills one of Sylas’ man, which triggers even more violence than before. When Wolf’s house is burnt down along with his dearest grandmother, the young man becomes unstoppable in his grief and the desire of avenging comes right in time to show what Wolf is capable of, when it comes to fight for the little happiness he might have left….

North Mountain is an impressive indie film from Bretten Hannam, whose directorial debut may bring some decent recognition. It’s a well-crafted narrative film with solid performances. Actions scenes and the choreography is quite well, which may get from the audience an applause. Of course, each small film has its own issues, however, Hannam’s film has so little that it leaves no room to complain about.

In conclusion, North Mountain is a good action-drama film with everything you need to enjoy. It has some disturbing scenes that may make you close your eyes for a moment, but not many to miss the entire film. In the end, it delivers what it could with the given budget, which is far better than any big budget films, that sometimes you can`t believe somebody approved to hit the screen.

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