ICFF 2016: “Rewind and Reboot” (2015) ★★★


What would you do if you get a chance to reboot your life? What day would you pick to travel back in time to fix something that might change the whole perspective of the future? Marco Damiani is a successful financial planner, has a gorgeous wife and everything else to live his life without encountering any problem. But one day she demands for separation as she meets another man who fulfils her dream. Damiani is devastated, heartbroken and willing to do anything to bring back the love of his life even if that means going back to the day when he was about to meet his future wife.…

It’s already 25 years of marriage to a beautiful woman, Giulia, when Damiani proudly shares his happiness with his long time friend, Claudio and colleagues at work. But when he comes home, Giulia disappoints him with her life-changing decision. This is when Damiani, during his walk with his friend Claudio tells that, “if only I could get back in time, I would have changed the course of my life and perhaps would have eliminated the tension that slowly appeared in my life that made me so extremely busy and distance my wife from me.”

Right at that moment when Damiani finishes his sentence, both friends were ran over by a car. Seconds after, they find themselves in 1990, a few days before the scheduled meeting of Marco and Giulia. However, it appears that it’s not Marco Only, but Claudio as well who has to revisit his past in order to help his always drunk mother to have a better life. From that moment on both friend embark themselves on a journey that will change everyone’s life forever… not only now, but the future as well.

Rewind and Reboot (Torno Indietro e Cambio Vita) directed by Carlo Vanzina may not be a great comedy, however, still delivers an Italian style humor that you will certainly appreciate. A talented cast led by Raoul Bova, Ricky Memphis and Giulia Michelini contributes significantly to make this film look more entertaining. Despite the storyline being old as the world itself, Vanzina manages to deliver the main moral of the story that destiny can’t be stopped no matter how hard you would try to change the course of your life. Sooner or later you will have to end up, maybe be not in the same place, but with still the same person, as what it is destined to happen will happen.

Screening times and locations:
June 15 @ 6:45pm TIFF – Toronto
June 16@ 7:00pm Colossus – Vaughan

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