Film Review: “Swiss Army Man” (2016) ★★★★★


Has it ever happened to you that you had to question your own sanity after watching an incredibly weird film? A film where a dead body talks, constantly farts, and entertains an alive person, who seems to not mind the company of a dead body? Well, good or bad, but that happened to me when at some point I could not understand the film that was before me to watch. But once I got its point, I realized how profound, moving and incredibly deep this film is. But before you get to the theater, kindly do see the trailer first to not be caught by surprise.

Hank is a young and hopeless man who decides to end his life in an island where he finds himself lost. However, when he was close to bid farewell to his life, he finds a farting dead body with whom he manages to find an emotional connection more than he could do it with the living itself. Soon, both embark themselves into a surreal journey to find their way “home”, which both of them had a different understanding of it.

The film itself is quite quirky to ensure that everything you see in it will stun you for the rest of your life. Believe me when I say for the rest of your life, I truly mean it. As the story unfolds, you learn more about Hank and his past life. However, every time when he moves from one location to another with his “talkative dead” friend, you will start asking yourself about his whereabouts, as it certainly looks not like a forbidden island somewhere in the world with an unknown location.

What is amazing about DanielsSWISS ARMY MAN is its uniqueness and is absolutely unlike any film you’ve seen in many years. Its approach is to create a connection between two people, one of whom is dead, is something that will bring tears to your eyes. It is an extremely funny film with lots of farting, however, that farting is not what this film is all about. The amazing music, scenery, and truly superb performance from Paul Dano and great Daniel Radcliffe will secure your full satisfaction after you watch it.

SWISS ARMY MAN explores the friendship, meaning of life, and how to find a way to cure loneliness. Hank appears to be a man who tries to balance his sanity and insanity in a strange way, when he looks at his life from the perspective of Manny, who, despite being dead, knows about Hank more than Hank himself. Even though I may describe SWISS ARMY MAN as a very serious movie with a deep subject matter, in the meantime, it’s very entertaining to watch. Every scene contains a very important message for a viewer to learn from.

A lesson that you may find queer in the beginning, however, the moment when Hank discovers Manny is life changing for him as a person who failed to connect with his own family and with the rest of the world. It also appeared to be a defining moment when Daniel Radcliffe’s Manny teaches Hank the true meaning of life – that it’s always important to face the problem that distances you from the world to overcome the insanity which occurs in your mind to give yourself a second chance before committing suicide for any reason you may find reasonable.

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