Here is the question, what next for James Bond?

What next for James Bond?

Over the years many movie characters have come and gone, but few have held such enduring appeal as James Bond. For over 50 years the British secret agent has lit up our cinema screens with a distinctive blend of high-action escapades and softly-spoken sophistication.

Last year saw Daniel Craig starring in Spectre which was the 24th instalment of the James Bond films that was the most expensive Bond movie ever made and earned rave reviews for its wonderful cinematography, intelligent adaptation of the Bond legend and Christopher Waltz’s brilliant portrayal of the villainous Blofeld.

However, many fans were shocked when Daniel Craig announced that Spectre would be his last Bond film, and ever since then there’s been a huge amount of speculation as to where the Bond franchise will go next.

What’s immediately evident is how quickly various publications have been to point out Daniel Craig’s most likely successor. Already actors like Poldark’s Aiden Turner and Taylor Swift’s current beau Tom Hiddleston have been linked with the Bond role, but there have also been increasing calls for Bond’s producers to pick somebody outside of the archetypal white male domain.

As well as Luther star Idris Elba giving us the tantalising prospect of the first black Bond, there have also been those who’ve suggested that we could be getting a female Bond. And with gaming brands like Betway providing us with an Agent Jane Blonde online slots game, it could be only a matter of time before we see the likes of Gillian Anderson or Angelina Jolie reviving the 007 brand.

Such a move would probably unsettle many Bond traditionalists, but with the news that a female director is being considered for the next Bond film, it’s clear that this is a franchise that’s not afraid to change with the times.

Despite Sam Mendes doing a great job of directing the last few Bond movies, there are those that find James Bond to be a character who’s synonymous with many relics of the 20th century whether it’s his Cold War escapades or his somewhat chauvinistic attitude to women.

And while there have been those who have called for the next Bond film to take a step back in time to provide something of a prequel to his Dr No debut, for most people it would be better if Bond changed with the times and embraced life in the 21st century alongside his technologically advanced gadgets and online slots games!


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