Film Review: “Nine Lives” (2016) ★★★


EuropaCorp on most occasions delivers decent films, but failed big with BIG GAME, LUCY, 3 DAYS TO KILL and a few more titles that I prefer not to mention here to not break anyone’s heart. Most of you may say that NINE LIVES, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken has entered the same path that the abovementioned titles had to go through, but believe it or not, I will have to disagree with you right here. Because, to my great and totally unexpected surprise, Sonnenfeld brings an endless amount of laughter in his film, despite the silliness and unlikely story you will see.

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is one of the richest man in the world who is about to build the tallest building in North America, if not for the wrong calculation done by Ian Cox (Mark Consuelos). But that is least of his problems, as he will soon find problems much bigger than that. When he finally decides to buy a long waited cat on his daughter Rebecca’s birthday, the biggest hater of cats after an incident on the roof of his building finds himself trapped in the body of the cat, while his physical body is resting in deep coma at one of the best hospitals. Now, Brand who never had a chance to spend quality time with family finds plenty of time to do it now, as an always meowing cat.

Lara Brand, played by Jennifer Garner, seems like a loving wife who had to reconsider changing her plans significantly after the accident that leaves her husband in the hospital. After all, the last thing he did is for his daughter, to buy a cat, that will keep him as a hostage in its body. That happens due to Brand’s visit to a pet store, owned by Felix Perkins, “a cat whisperer” who did not like Brand’s attitude towards his beloved animals. In order to teach him a lesson, he orchestrates everything that you see afterwards that forces Tom Brand to learn acting like a real cat, if he wants to get normal.

The CGI cat does incredible job to deliver some pretty funny scenes, I found myself hard to stop laughing from. Yes, it may not be the greatest movie you have ever seen, or, it can even be one of the worst you’ve seen in a while, but it is still watchable and worthwhile seeing. It truly has some great moments and makes you laugh throughout if you feel like it. It’s about allowing yourself not to think of the storyline much and enjoy the CGI cat that, believe me, acts better than any other actor with a big name.

So, don’t think much about negative reviews this film receives, and see it yourself to decide whether it deserved to be crashed by harsh reviews, or it still could receive some kindness from the critics. After all, it’s not me, but you who should decide how to rate NINE LIVES as long as you don’t need to spend nine lives to reach the end of the film.

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