Film Review: “Sausage Party” (2016) ★★


You know that every creature has a heart, soul and feelings. We can wish, dream about anything. Even work towards those dreams to come true. But what about those that we are not aware of who are also capable of doing the same things, or wish to live a longer life, fall in love and do anything that come to their mind the way we people do?

For instance, lets assume those things are sausages, chips, Italian tomatoes, potatoes, honey mustard and even tequilas that don’t want to be drank to death by brutal human beings? In Greg Tiernan’s and Conrad Vernon’s “SAUSAGE PARTY”, I am afraid, you will see a bit more than what you paid for your ticket. But before you do that, do not forget, this animated film is made for adults only, and can’t be viewed by children under any circumstances.

“SAUSAGE PARTY” is focused on one grocery store where its residents, meaning foods, are about to find out the truth of their existence. And when that awful and heartbreaking truth comes known to everyone, they decide to fight back in a way you better not witness in real life at all. In the meantime, it shows the true feelings of food and how they all dream about life outside of the store without having an idea that shortly after they leave the store, they will be eaten by horrible humans, who seem to have no pity towards foods….

Despite “SAUSAGE PARTY” having an original story, extremely funny lines and filled with a joyful ride, there’s still one question which puzzled me all the time – how is it possible that people like Salma Hayek, Kristen Wiig and Edward Norton would sign up for such a project that could turn millions of their fans against them? Since I have no high expectations from Seth Rogen, James Franco or Jonah Hill, I would assume, the above listed actors most likely wanted to have a bit fun while they were voicing their characters, but that still means nothing when you’re literally lowering yourself to the level the Seth Rogen – James Franco – Jonah Hill type of films, that usually has no meaning at all.

On top of that, the animated film offers an 8-minute orgy scene, that in my opinion went way too far and has crossed all possible lines. Unfortunately, every time when Seth Rogen comes with a story, it always touches something that may target a certain audience which is unfair. You can’t simply assume that the audience that goes to the movie theater expects to watch a ridiculously silly film and they deserve nothing else. That should never be the case when you try to come up with an original story.

Even though the “SAUSAGE PARTY” still had one, the offensive language, drugs and many more things from the film simply ruins the desire to go the theater at all, which is a shame, as we all love seeing a good animated film. And this one, unfortunately, was not one of them.


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