Top 5 Casino themed movies


Top 5 Casino themed movies

Film Directors are acclaimed for the different themes and genres of movies they make. Due to the trend of casino gaming thanks to online casino, many more of these film themes are centered on casinos. When included in a film, casinos often provide an ambience of danger given their link to organized crime, high risk and drama. As a result, some of the most iconic film scenes have occurred in casino movies. These are some of the most highly regarded scenes in casino movies.

Owning Mahowny

Based on a true story, the film stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the title character, Dan Mahowny. Mahowny is obsessed with gambling and soon gets into a problematic situation. Using his job managing the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Mahowny carried out the largest bank fraud in Canadian history, embezzling over $10 million dollars in just a year and a half.

Rain Man

Dustin Hoffman stars as an autistic savant who has a photographic memory. Exploited by his brother, Hoffman assists his brother in making a killing at blackjack by counting cards.


Matt Damon portrays Mike McDermott who is a high stakes poker player that travels around to participate in high stakes poker games. While he does try to give up the game, he eventually ends up quitting school to play professionally.

Cincinnati Kid

Released in 1965, this film is based on a true story. Steve McQueen is cast as Eric Stoner, a top poker player of his time. Unlike some other films, this flick sees Stoner failing to achieve his dream. Many heralded this film for its realistic look at the emotional toll of gambling.

Austin Powers

In this comedy, the title character finds himself in a game of poker. Using his special power of x-ray vision, Powers is able to know when to draw and when to hold.

This list makes it apparent that some memorable performances have taken place in casino based films. With the future of casino gambling looking bright, there will surely be more casino based films.

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