TV Review: “This is Us” (2016 – ) ★★★★★

THIS IS US -- Pictured: "This Is Us" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
THIS IS US — Pictured: “This Is Us” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Most of the time it’s depressing to watch American TV series, as sometimes you have a feeling that they have nothing else to show us, other than constant violence, crime scenes or how zombies kill around everything you see alive. This is why seeing something like “This is us” is so refreshing that I simply could not believe that there was such a potential to tell such an important subject matter, such as “life itself”. Believe me or not, but this series will show the true definition of consequences, of what goes around comes around. You get what you wish as long as that wish is harmless.

One grown up man has two children, a beautiful wife and a job that allows him to buy a $150,000 car paid with cash money. But there is something that always bothers him, somewhere deep in his mind. The thing is he had never gotten a chance to know his real mother, who died the day he was born – 36 years ago. Another man has reached his 36th years, a famous TV star who plays Manny. He seems to have everything, except the simple happiness he needs in his life.

His sister, Kate, is overweight. She desperately tries to lose as many pounds as possible. By throwing all her food with hundreds of calories does not help her much to achieve her goal. But she meets someone who might be able to help her to get what she needs, if the love and attention she gets won`doesn’t blind her mind. Another, I bet, will be the most favorite couple of the series is Rebecca and Jake, whose affection for each other will never fade away.

Rebecca and Jack are expecting triplets. Doctor Snider has already warned them about the difficulties Rebecca may have when the due date arrives. And this time, it’s a day that comes six weeks earlier. Doctor Gorbovski promises to do everything possible to ensure everyone, including the unborn children leave the hospital alive. But soon, the doctor finds it impossible to keep his promise. And there is only one person who wants everyone to believe that nothing bad will happen with his wife and three children – Jack, who celebrates his 36th birthday. Soon, despite what happens in the hospital, Jack’s assurance will be proven as a valid one… but in a way that you heart will simply be melted in no time…

NBC’s drama “THIS IS US” follows three groups of people who have to share the same day of birth, but have all different kinds of situation with them. Jack is a famous actor who believes does not deserve such fame due to his appearance in a silly show that was highly demanded by the audience. Randall, who finally finds his father after 36 years can’t keep his promise, as with the first given opportunity he reunites with him, despite his father leaving him on the street many years ago.

His father, also seems like a kind man, despite the choice he made years ago. But if not for his drug addiction and inability to look after his son, today his Randal would not have become who he is, if not for the choice he had to make back then. Jack is one of the most intriguing characters in the series whose faith in his feelings and intuition makes him to come back home with three kids. Yes, with three kids, that he promised his wife to have after she delivers them. How that happens is another story you will have to watch with great patience.

In conclusion, “THIS IS US” is a series about life. About real people. About their feelings. Fears. Expectations. Forgiveness and kindness. It’s about people that are sharing the same birthday… but a different life. It also about great performance each and everyone delivers. Mandy Moore’s Rebecca is simply outstanding. Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack is a man that every woman dreams about. The attention and love he gives Rebecca is truly amazing. But what’s important is the concept of the show, I am sure, all of us wanted to see.

This series will make you think, and think a lot. You will have no analyze not only the life of its characters, but perhaps, your own as well… Because, if we can beautify our life and improve it every day by simply smiling… why won’t we do that? And hope, desire and love that will accompany us will give the desired result, as long as we all keep trying. Because that is what usually happens in life – us.

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