Film Review: “Kevin Hart: What Now?” (2016) ★★★


I have always considered myself belonging to an older generation. Also, I find myself difficult to fit into the new-generation type of jokes, which I must say, is full of unacceptable language I do not get. However, so-called modern jokes used with bad language seems to be powerful enough to send the audience into euphoria, even though, I have never been one of them. Maybe, I am too old to watch a Kevin-Hart-type of stand-up comedies, or I need more than that to enjoy it. But one thing is certain, if you have a mind more open than mine, then you don’t have to ask yourself “what next” after watching Kevin Hart’s: What Now?

The beginning of the show was truly stunning and admirable. Using the segment of James Bond and enchanting soundtrack gives you a hope to see one of the best shows ever to hit the theatres. Super opening continues with Kevin Hart trying to make to his show come alive. Having Halle Berry behind his back and as a great supporter, it seems nothing can stop him from not making his mission accomplished. After a few impressive fight scenes, which I should admit, were shot beautifully, Kevin Hart reaches to the complete, a record breaking sells out Philadelphia’s football stadium with the promise that he can deliver to the audience more than just stand-up comedy.

Did it happen or not, it stays with me, but the joke he begins telling about the racoon that was hunting him in his big backyard, or watching the Conjuring, and how the film itself terrified him, was of course funny, but not to me. The joke he delivers about a man with amputated legs or imitating how he could have had sex with his lady, surprisingly made everybody laugh in the theater, as well as whole stadium, but I am sure, the one who was unfortunate enough to lose his legs would not find Kevin Hart’s joke too amusing.

Other than that, Kevin Hart manages to get laughs from the audience by walking a very fine line between what he or the audience finds as funny jokes while some other may find them offensive. I could feel the complete connection between the audience and Kevin Hart, which can be considered no more or less a victory. But unfortunately, perhaps, it is my taste but I laughed only the first fifteen minutes of the show, while the rest of the time I was trying to figure out what is it that’s wrong with me if I can’t laugh at whatever Kevin Hart says, while everyone around were certainly having a good time. But I guess, at the end of the day, it’s majority that counts, even if I am not a part of it… Isn`t it?


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