Film Review: “The Hollow” (2016) ★★★


The subject of police corruption is not surprising anymore. Especially, when it takes place in a rural part of the country, where a sheriff of the county considers himself above the law. Watching Miles Doleac’s The Hollow who stars in the film as well as the above described sheriff, brings a chilling feeling of how far an individual could have gone if he would not have been stopped by the authority… But if that man is an authority who even can dare to go against him?

When a U.S. Congressman’s daughter is killed in a triple homicide in Mississippi, FBI takes over the investigation by sending a troubled agent Vaugn Killinger (James Callis) to solve the puzzle. But once the agent gets a chance to look into the case closer, he finds himself surrounded by corrupted police officers from the sheriff’s department who do not cooperate with the investigation the way they should. It certainly appears that there is a powerful individual standing behind all the crimes occurring in the city, but before identifying him, the police is yet to collect more bodies until it gives the main lead…

The Hollow is a film where its each character has to struggle with the past and present demons. The FBI agents Killinger struggles with his ex-wife over his child, while his partner, Sarah Desoto (Chstiane Seidel) is there to control his temper and have him concentrated on the case. Ray Everett has a beautiful wife and a child, but soon, his relationship with murdered girl will come to light, as well as the drugs he spreads in the city. As he’s afraid of being caught and accused of shadowy and criminal activities, he has to face yet another powerful man, Big John Dawson (William Forsythe), who has his own interest in the murder case to never be solved.

As a writer/actor/filmmaker, Miles Doleac takes a dangerous path to execute his idea and direct the film in a way to be able to capture the viewer’s attention for more than two hours. With no big names in his film, Doleac manages to keep the intensity alive and the storyline intriguing enough to not bore any viewer. It is an interesting crime film with an element of drama. It also contains a solid performance where each actor manages to capture the emptiness their characters have. That emptiness, which, with paying attention to the title of the film is basically what’s all about.

In conclusion, with a well-written script and character study, The Hollow is surely a film that you should not miss. It revolves around the high profile murder in a community where everyone keeps themselves busy by using drugs. The threat to expose local corruption and the steps that has been taken to not be exposed is way too realistic, which is what makes The Hollow a well narrated modern noir thriller.


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