Film Review: “Inferno” (2016) ★★★


A jar with overflowing water will spill. One closet simply cannot store all clothes that you may have in the house. The same is with the planet. It has its own limit of people it can take. And if it’s overpopulated with enormous number of people, what will then happen with the planet we so much care about? We certainly cannot expand the planet, but we also can’t ask people to stop having children. But what if one day we reach our limit and chaos begins? No water. No food to eat. People will be doomed to starve. And the question how to fix the most serious problem humanity will ever face – overpopulation will still hang on somewhere in the air…

Inferno this time touches upon an incredibly difficult subject that there is no way for you or for me to ignore. Robert Langdon finds himself injured in Florence’s hospital and taken care of by the young Doctor Sienna Brooks. Since her childhood she loves solving puzzles, so, when the opportunity comes to team up with the professor, she does it to save the planet from a deadly virus that might bring hell to the earth.

Being hunted by the authorities, Robert Langdon does not hesitate to put into risk his own life when he gets deep into Dante’s Inferno, as the run across the Europe begins when he finds out the real reason behind billionaire Bertrand Zobrist claiming that only killing a billion people can save the planet from being overpopulated. As the billionaire continues his calculation, the audience finds out that by 2024 the population of the planet will be large enough to start worrying about the existence of every individual, and that most likely, by then, there will be not much to provide to people to make end meets.

Directed by Ron Howard and based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel Inferno¸ the storyline offered in the film, especially its ending is politically correct. Of course, by presenting such a terrifying reality to people, where the problem of overpopulation exists nowadays, this film does much more than any other by bringing us closer to face our possible and very much vicious future in the most horrible way possible. But this film, however, follows Hollywood’s standards where Inferno becomes nothing more than just a thriller instead of the real issue we all must talk about.

But does it mean that we all must give up and hope for the best when there is not any? Well, if you think of this kind of ending, then Inferno will certainly disappoint you. But one thing this film certainly delivers: a stellar cast lead by Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, Ben Foster and Sidse Babett Knudsen, but also it’s still as dynamic as you could imagine. It’s intelligent, carefully written and yet provides food for thought, that you as a viewer will have to reanalyze after you watch it.


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