Film Review: “The Bookstore” (2016) ★★★


Reading books is always fun, educational and entertaining. But do you know that by reading a specific book, or, to speak “a book language” can allow you to earn the heart of the person you love? In The Bookstore, written and directed by Alberto Diamante, you will learn some interesting tricks that will help you to achieve a desired result. However, do not forget, being dishonest and who you are not can bring the opposite result…

Bryan (Andre Colquhoun) is sent to the local Bookstore owned by George (Alberto Diamante) to learn something new. But instead, gets the lesson how to attract Lisa’s attention, a girl he is in love with. For that, the young man gets the best teacher possible – George, who claims that he is the love himself, because he is Italian. But the thing is, being an Italian or love itself does not mean you won’t have any problems with your personal life, and George is a living proof of that.

This is quite interesting to see how the relationship between Bryan and George advances throughout the film. In the beginning, Bryan appears to be an arrogant and narrow-minded man, whose interests in life are very limited. But soon he changes significantly due to George’s influence that eventually helps him to become more literate, attentive and quick-witted. And by the time when you reach halfway through the movie, it will be George who will learn from Bryan the things he had no idea about.

The Bookstore is an indie film with some intelligent satiric approach. The lines written by Diamante are wickedly smart, quotable and memorable. As you watch the film, you can tell the hard work of the entire cast that try to do their best with the limited budget the filmmaker had. Despite The Bookstore being far from a great film, its black-and-white format gives you a warm atmosphere which will help you to lift up your spirit by the end of the film.


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