EUFF 2016 Review: “Eva Nová” (2015) ★★★★★


Once you become famous, the world changes. If you fall under negative influence, everything you have earned – respect, fame, money, achievement will be forgotten due to the wrong choices made. But that perhaps would not be so important if one crucial part – if one of your victim was your own child.

When you watch Marko Skop’s Eva Nová you see everything that may terrify a potential troubled start, who if he or she lucky enough to reach to the age of Eva Nova to see the implications of drugs and alcohol abuse. But to be fair, Eva Nova, after her third time locking up herself in rehab leaves again with the hope to regain her life again.

After we are being introduced to Eva and her issues, we find her carrying one small luggage and standing outside of the house that used to be hers. A woman who opens the door is her son’s wife. Finally, after many years Eva meets her grandchildren who barely know her. When her sister Manka returns home, she, as Eva’s son, Dodo does not welcome her warmly, but rather asks her to leave the apartment as soon as possible.

Eva promises that she dropped drinking and using drugs and that now she is a brand new person. However, when you hear how Dodo asks his own mother to get lost, you kind of realize the amount of anger Dodo has towards his estranged and troubled mother. However, as the story unfolds, you see that Dodo did not go far from his own mother, as he drinks vodka as much as she did years ago.

By the time when you reach to the middle of the film, the characters changes dynamically, but not significantly, which was intentional. While Eva does her best to restore her acting career, Dodo demands from his mother to pass him her house and herself, to never show up in his life again. But his marriage is also doomed in a way that his wife has to leave her house and children for two weeks for her job in Austria, while Dodo contributes nothing to his family’s financial success.

Emilia Vasaryova as Eva is magnificent. The scene where she drank is quite powerful. The way she behaves, acts, the tone of her voice suggests a true talent to pull off such an impressive performance. Milan Ondrik as Dodo is melancholic, fragile, a victim of his mother but in the meantime, not so likable character. But when you look at him, you can understand the reasons he hates his own mother.

In conclusion, Eva Nova gives a specific look to an aged woman’s life who is no longer respected by her peers, but used to be a famous actress.  She wants to rebuild her life, but realizes that she will never be able to ease the damage she has done. In the end, this movie is not an easy one to watch, but certainly worthwhile. It delivers an outstanding lesson from the beginning to the end, which I should say we all must learn from.

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