Film Review: “All Roads Lead to Rome” (2015) ★★★


Films about a vacation trip, where one falls for another is a story as old as the world itself. Specially, when the story evolves around a single mother who desperately tries to reconnect with her troubled teenage daughter. However, we always find ourselves totally hooked to romantic comedies, especially when the story takes place in the beautiful Rome. Moreover, if the lead cast of the film is Italian screen legend, Claudia Cardinale, the Italian actor, Raoul Bova and the charming Sarah Jessica Parker, you know All Roads Lead to Rome can’t simply go wrong.

All Roads Lead to Rome follows Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker), and her desperate effort to resolve the issue with her teen daughter, Summer. In order to get the best result possible, Maggie takes her child to Tuscan, where she runs into Luca (Raoul Bova), who is still single and lives with his eighty year old mother, Carmen (Claudia Cardinale). However, the things turn upside down when Summer, in order to go back to New York to her troubled boyfriend, steals Luca’s car with one passenger in it, Carmen. While Summer’s intention is to catch the flight, Carmen wants to reach Rome by 3 PM next day, where she is about to wed her old love.

As the story unfolds, we quickly find out about the past relationship of Maggie and Luca, who is still in love with her. However, an extraordinary relationship with his mother forces him to make choices, he perhaps, will never regret. It is also interesting to see how an old and charming lady, Carmen, whose quest is to marry by 3 PM, makes the teenage girl, Summer, to look at her life from a perspective her mother failed to introduce. In spite the story line appearing familiar to you, this film somehow makes you forget about the cliché, and enjoy it thoroughly.

Ella Lemhagen’s All Roads Lead to Rome, produced by Monica Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino has its own way to reach the audience’s heart. It has a charm and simplicity. It’s convincing and an easy-to-watch film. It takes the viewer right to the point. It also develops the characters as quickly as possible, eliminating the possibility of creating a gap, that would have raised more questions than getting answers. In the end, all roads that this film takes is absolutely right, and won’t be left unnoticeable, which is what will matter to you most, after you watch it.

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