TV Review: “Taboo” (2017 – ) ★★★★★


Taboo created by Edward “Chips” Hardy, Tom Hardy and Steven Knight is  a series we all have been waiting for with high anticipation. Right from the beginning, before it hit our constantly getting wider TVs, we knew that it will be a period drama with an intense and unpredictable plot with the lead character (James Keziah Delaney) who is vicious, strong, dangerous and determined. However, the first five minutes of the pilot will make you change your mind because it is much better than any word could simply describe. It’s brilliant, powerful and yet endlessly impressive.

Tom Hardy’s James Delaney, who was believed as long dead in Africa, returns to England more confident than ever to attend the funeral of his dearest father. But when he finds out that his father was slowly poisoned for months that affected greatly his sanity, James is determined to find those who killed him. In the meantime, he finds out that he is the only person who was on his father’s will. The land that he inherits is a subject of dispute between Great Britain and the United States that are at war. But the biggest war is yet to come when James declares his refusal to sell the land….

James surprises everyone by his appearance at his father’s funeral. He lets everyone know his real intentions and leaves no questions how far he can go to get what he needs. It also appears that James possesses a dark power he probably got from his trip in Africa, but that is something we are yet to find out in the upcoming episodes. Also, his unexpected arrival from the presumed death turns upside down the political ambitions of East India Company, chaired by Sir Stuart Strange and his half-sister Zilpha Geary (Oona Chaplin) and her husband Thorne, who have reached an agreement to sell Nootka Sound that was the only thing left for James from his father.

It’s a very interesting and epic series without exaggerating, I should say, you will be delighted viewing it. It’s dynamic, there’s excellent character development and superb script, which makes this series to shine. Backed with strong performances and by a strong cast, Taboo single handedly moves television to a new level. From the directorial approach and cinematography, it is something you simply could not stop admiring.

In the end, Taboo is delicate, subtle and fantastic throughout. Just with the first episode you will want to fast-forward time to glance all episodes at once. It’s an intriguing and expensive production which justifies all the expenses it had, as Taboo aims its target right from the beginning to ensure to gain enough audience to view it with eagerness. It’s also delightful seeing TV moving up in such way that leaves some featured movies behind. Frankly, if TV continues its approach and advances with astronomic steps, soon, many won’t go to the theaters because the best ideas nowadays are successfully executed on TV, not on the Silver Screen we all respect so much.


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