Sundance 2017 Film Review: “The Big Sick” (2017) ★★★★★


The Big Sick was the seventh movie I watched at Sundance, and I must confess it was the only one that has touched me so deep emotionally. It not only offers a compelling, romantic storyline, it touches family values, honesty, respect, being yourself, and that nothing can be more important than family even if that family threatens to abandon you for a choice. Yet, a choice is an important step for Kumail to take in order to be able to film a life who he always wanted to be a part of….

Kumail is a Pakistani young man who was raised in the United States. He does not follow family traditions. He does not pray every day even though his religion requires that. He is a stand-up comedian who hopes to grow one day. Every day he has to meet a new young woman introduced by his family to find him a perfect match. But his perfect match was just nearby, waiting for her turn to appear in his life… And when she does… Kumail and Emily think it’s better that way if they don’t see each other again… But it will seem their mind and heart had a big disconnect as they still try to improve their relationship until she finds out about his family’s goal…

Multicultural cast of  The Big Sick is truly outstanding. Kumail Nanjiani as Kumail is sweet. Zoe Kazan as Emily is simply adorable. They both share a chemistry that turns The Big Sick into one of the most deeply sad and moving comedy drama in decade. It’s interesting to follow Kumail, learn his culture, while Emily is like a free bird. It seems she can do anything she wants. She is open with her family, tells them everything about her relationship with Kumail. Kumail, on the other hand, is not as open as Emily. He is afraid to tell his mother about the “white girl” who he is in love with. He is afraid to be rejected by his family members, but he also does not want to distance himself from Emily.

Everything seems to go fine for Kumail and Emily until she finds out about girls that come to his house in the hope to become his wife. But that was the least what could have happened, as Emily soon falls sick and had to be put into a clinically induced coma to recover from a strange virus she has to fight against. This is when the second part of the movie begins, I must say, even better than the first one where Kumail meets Emily’s parents, Teddy and Holly, who knew everything about him. While doctors fight for Emily’s life, Kumail continues developing a special bond with her parents, which I must say, will bring tears to your eyes.

In conclusion, Michael Showalter`s The Big Sick is an absolute winner. While the screenplay was cleverly written and dialogues were sharp and hilarious, the perfect cast make the film work with ease. Even the Uber jokes used were quite funny and refreshing. Holly Hunter and Ray Romano did an amazing job by adding more sense to the storyline through their genuine performances. In the end, The Big Sick is the movie you did not know you will love it that much. You will laugh and cry all the time without a break. In the end, it’s truly a profound movie about family values and the love that the one can learn to hold it after being on the edge of losing it….

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