Sundance 2017 Film Review: “Colossal” (2016) ★★★★★


What would you do if you would get a chance to create a giant monster? I mean, not just in your mind, but for real? Oh well, Anne Hathaway’s Gloria got one, but way bigger than she probably expected. It is huge, dangerous and funny at the same time. And in Seoul it’s ready to destroy everything around if Susan won’t stop it before….

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) has long lasting problems going on with her: she suffers from a mental issue and alcoholism because of which struggles with her memory as well. Her fiancé Tim (Dan Stevens) has already reached the limit and can no longer deal with Gloria’s blackouts, and asks her to leave the house by the time he returns home. Hoping to rebuild her life, she returns to her hometown where she meets her friend from childhood, Oscar (Jason Sukeikis). Soon her life turns upside down, and more down that it could be when after tuning into a news channel she finds out that the giant she had imagined when she was a child has become real and in Seoul ready to create history.…

Oscar, who employs Susan, tries to support her as much as he can. But that does not help much, as with every second one news becomes worse than another.  After her another blackout, he tells her that the giant she created is not alone and that was joined by a giant robot, who seems is more violent than a monster. Hoping to save Seoul from the disaster, Gloria and Oscar go to the park trying to replicate the monster and the robot to make them go back from wherever they appeared. However, there is one problem, David is not the genuine or heroic personality he appears at first, as he slowly turns into an unlikable person who can’t wait to violate the super abilities he has…

While the above written may sound like you’re about to watch a horror movie, it’s not one. Colossal written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo is absolutely entertaining, super fun, original and full of imagination movie. Everything it has is something you have not seen before. Anne Hathaway’s Susan is so funny that I wish she would appear in more comedies from this moment on. Besides many hilarious scenes in Colossal, I guess there is one of the most ridiculously hilarious scene when after Giant Monster slaps the face of Robot, the video goes viral in social network.

In conclusion, Colossal is a movie that will lift your spirit, make you laugh throughout and will help you to energize your day with great mood and spirit. Everything about it is outstanding and unique. It’s a movie that will never make you regret spending money on it, because nothing else more than this deserves to be seen on the big screen. So have popcorn, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the wildest ride with Colossal you will ever have.

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