Film Review: “Fifty Shades Darker” (2017) ★


There is always good and bad movies and that’s something we can do nothing about. But there are movies such as FIFTY SHADES DARKER that are not simply bad, but awfully made, and not because of the movie itself, the screenplay or unconvincing performance (who can blame the actors here?) delivered by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson – it’s just the novel that should have never been written in the first place.

But it did happen and even worse, drew so much attention that the film industry we love so much, decided to make extra money on it. So they did… But does this movie really deserve it or not is another question… But one can only hope that Dakota Johnson got paid more than Jamie Dornan as the humiliation she had to go through the entire movie was stunningly endless…

FIFTY SHADES DARKER finds Anastasia working as an assistant in a Seattle’s publishing company where her boss Jake Hyde seems to be enjoying harassing his female employees. Christian Grey appears more settled in his mind, as now he seeks for an apology from Anastasia and asks her to return to him. Even though she does that, the dark past of Christian is in jury to hunt him down, that eventually slows down his plan to make a huge move to reserve Anastasia’s presence for the rest of his life…

As the story unfolds, there is a young woman who appears in front of Anastasia named Leila, who’s still in love with Christian. Also, Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), a woman who introduced him a life that made him who he is right now also can’t find peace in her mind as the desire to reunite with Christian she believes is something worth dreaming of.  But Anastasia, who will have to confront her, as well as Leila need to decide whether Christian is a man who’s really worth having in her life, or she still can make one final attempt before making one final decision that might change the course of her life….

My issues with FIFTY SHADES DARKER is plenty enough to fail to describe them in a few words. Niall Leonard as a screenwriter or James Foley as a director could not do much to make this movie a bit better than it was nor you or me. There were no chances for them left to turn this movie into something more special than plenty of sex scenes that in the end leaves the artistic nature of the movie way behind.

However, it is noticeable that the relationship between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson has improved since the first part of the movie, where now they are more comfortable than before. But again, it’s Dakota Johnson who in the end had to go through the unimaginable struggles and have a note somewhere, MORE THAN JAMIE DORNAN that I should say, was absolutely admirable. At some point, I felt so bad for her as if she was a victim of constant abuse on the set, I would wish would end as quickly as possible. But it did not happen… and could it?

In conclusion, there is not much to say about FIFTY SHADES DARKER other than what I have already said. If you like the E.L. James novel, then you will certainly enjoy every minute of it. And don’t get me wrong, many people who attended the advanced screening for it had seemed to have enjoyed it very much, except myself, who was raised with beautiful classic books and could not digest anything that was going on the big screen. But again, the ones who like the E.L. James novel, will love the movie. But if it happened you did not… so do not bother wasting your time, because FIFTY SHADES DARKER is no better than the previous one… if not worse….

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