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Film Review: “A Man Called Ove” (2015) ★★★★★


The one who wants to die will die. Will that happen today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow is a matter of time, that can be chosen based on the mindset. But what to do with the mess that will be left behind? How can one live knowing, or rather, get ready to die when people who will still be around can’t handle the troubles without him? Ove (excellent performance by Rolf Lassgård), standing on the grave of his beloved wife Sonja says: “My dear, I am afraid, this time you will have to wait for me a bit longer, as I have something to take care of.” Things that nobody could have handled better than him. However, after seeing what he will have to go through over the course of time, you will tell yourself, “Goddamn, I wish if it were a bit longer it will last forever”.

The opening episode of the film is already compelling and hilarious when we find Ove arguing with the cashier at the store over the coupons that he had. He wanted to buy a bucket of flowers for his late wife, but ended up leaving the store upset. Ove is an ill-tempered man with the biggest heart possible… He yells at everyone, argues for what he believes is right. He thinks everyone around him are in need of help, but in reality it’s him who needs someone who will finally show him what he is really missing in his life… The changes will come with the new neighbors whose friendly and unwavering attitude will match with Ove’s that will lead to a new perspective of life….

Before that happens, Ove attempts to kill himself as many times as he could. First time he was interrupted by the arrival of new neighbors that were unable to park the car with the trailer properly. Obviously, a man with such respect for rules and mediocrity had to delay his attempt of suicide and guide Patrick how to park the car. Shortly after Ove will go to the train station thinking of, perhaps, the train that will run over him and he can finally stop the pain of his heart due to the absence of his wife he can’t seem to live without. But a man before him falls unconscious which once again delays his plan, until Ove realizes that, there is much more important things that he will have to take care of before saying goodbye to a life he starts loving again.…

I don’t even know how to begin to describe how soulful A Man Called Ove is. The first ten minutes of the film will fast-forward it to the end, where you can already tell what might happen to Ove, but only because the connection you will have with him and the movie itself is powerful in itself. The amazing, charming and adorable pace of the movie will continue till the end credits where you will find yourself laughing and crying at the same time. You will simply fall for this generous old man whose priority always was to look after those who are in need.

In conclusion, Hannes Holm’s A Man Called Ove is something everyone with a gentle heart must see. It cures the insanity of the mind, it’s a great medicine to cheer up anyone and turn you into a better human being. This movie from the start to the end is absolutely majestic in every possible way. Sonja, Ove’s wife tells once: “We either live or die”. Having said that, with this movie, you have no second choice other than seeing it… because living, being alive, owning life itself is one of the most amazing feelings a human being can experience… and this movie describes that better than anything else.

Opens at Toronto’s Cineplex Varsity Cinemas and Vancouver’s International Village this Friday, February 17th

Expanding to Edmonton’s Princess Theatre, Regina’s Rainbow Theatre, and Saskatoon’s Roxy Theatre on February 24th.


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