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Canadian Film Festival 2017 Review: “Love in the Age of Like” (2016) ★★★★

It’s no secret that we live in a timeline when any type of relationship between individuals is being measured by the amount of “likes” received on social networks. Less likes are equal to – the person cares about you less; more likes means – your are endlessly admired and appreciated; no like means – sorry, maybe in a different life… But what if that person who is less social online just prefers to be more social in the real life? I know, I know. But the answer you are about to provide is something that should reach Courtney’s (Claire Stollery) ear… if that won’t be too late…

Love in the Age of Like, written by Amarpal Dhillon and directed by Theodore Bezaire, is an excellent satire about how far one person can go to exchange real-life “like” to an online one. Courtney scans through her most favorite photos online, having lots of likes seems to not satisfy her, as there is one which she cares about that’s missing – Ronnie’s, her boyfriend. Through quick flashbacks we see how happy the couple is and too adorable together. However, when she finds her so understanding friend Dennis and seconds later shares her concern, he obviously disagrees with her… but not long enough to make her change her mind about breaking up with Ronnie….

As the story unfolds, and everything happens within eight minutes, Courtney describes every single example she could find in order to realize that there is no point continuing the relationship with Ronnie, if he never bothered to click “like” each time when she shares something. But when she goes to his office to tell everything she wanted, she learns something very important about him… Something that will melt any unkind heart. But will that melt her heart is something you will have to find out… But be prepared… because its outcome will be quite surprising…

In conclusion, Love in the Age of Like is a relevant movie to watch. It’s brutally honest, well directed, acted and written, in a way that will leave no questions answered. And what other questions can be asked, when outside of your house in the same city you or I live the same thing might or even be happening. But it is also a hilarious movie in terms of its concept, which I should say made me to re-watch a few times. So you if you have eight minutes to spare, you should certainly give a look to Theodore Bezaire’s movie to learn something really valuable about life – that the wall in your house filled with the pictures of your loved ones is more valuable than an empty wall of Facebook or Instagram…


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