TV Review: “Big Little Lies” Finale recap: You Get What You Need (2017)

What have we learned from the series finale of Big Little Lies, named as You Get What You Need? That violence and abuse against women has no nationality, religion and it’s not based on the bank account and how big it is. Even rich people, self-confident, free like a bird with a strong will can become a victim, same as poor and less secure women. But what about the denial of crime itself? How far can a woman go in order to blame herself for the abuse that was committed by her husband? Celeste Wright, brilliantly portrayed by Nicole Kidman, is a true proof that in most cases the woman will blame herself more than her husband… but the question is Why? Why? And why?

Nicole Kidman’s performance as Celeste Wright can never be considered anything less than pure masterpiece. Her scenes with the therapist alone must be “fished out” from the entire series to present to any Academy for an award consideration. And after the series finale, it seems even Emmy or The Golden Globes is too small for that kind of role. So what really happened in tonight’s episode? Celeste learns that it was Max who was bullying Anabelle. She tells Perry, “Your children know what their father do to their mother.” Also, Ed (Adam Scott) or Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) appears to be a great singer… Jane finally recognizes (DO NOT READ THE NEXT LINE IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SERIES FINALE) Ziqqy’s father, the man who raped her… was Perry Wright himself….

Renata (Laura Dern) has soften towards Jane (Shailene Woodley), and why should not she? Tom, a shy and always in the shadow waiter finally shows his teeth at the right time to be able to secure the Trivia Night appearance with Jane. And Perry… who right in the beginning of the series finale leaves completely beaten up, scared Celeste on the floor of their bathroom, when one of the twin almost finds her. Celeste is terrified. Now she can’t even be in the same room with him. If before she would not have convinced herself that he was capable of killing her, with tonight’s episode, she will never question his abilities ever again.

In the end, when the trivia night approaches and all are there to celebrate a big night, one person won’t come out of it alive… while the dark horse of the series will appear to put the final dots in order to free those who were in need most, from their darkest and horrifying times…. The final scenes, especially the one when a murder, if we even can call it that occurs, all women will come together to celebrate their unity, the power and confidence a woman can ever get when it comes to protecting each other.

To finalize my review, I must say, HBO’s Big Little Lies was one of the biggest in this season. With the appearance of FOX’s masterpiece FEUD with a star-studded cast, after tonight’s episode I am no longer concerned about Hollywood’s or TV’s big movie award night… As every critic who saw Nicole Kidman’s performance will stop the race for the best actress in drama-mini series right there to hand it to Ms. Kidman and I am certain you will all agree with it.

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