Film Review: “The Fate of the Furious” (2017) ★★★★

The Fast and the Furious is a franchize that you will never have to think twice to watch. It’s always action packed, has some funny dialogues and cars, whether you know how to drive or not, you will enjoy its highly charged speed. The Fate of the Furious, which I should admit was the right title for the new installment written by Chris Morgan and directed by F. Gary Gray is no different from its predecessors, except one overwhelming fact, the legacy of Brian will live forever…. How will it happen? Well, you will have to forgive me, but that is something you will have to find out starting this Friday.

The Fate of the Furious follows, as usually, Dom and his family who will have to deal with another enemy this time, but a much stronger one they’ve ever had before. This time, this villain will put in danger the relationship of Dom and his “family”, loved ones, and even who he is, in order to fulfil the demand of a mysterious woman with the name Cipher, who won’t stop at anything to achieve her, unfortunately, evil agenda.

The new installment marks its first sequence scene filmed in Cuba, for the first time, when Havana could thoroughly enjoy the spirit of The Fast and the Furious  or rather, facing its future fate. When Dom wins his first race against a Cuban man, with an old almost dead car, he earns the stranger’s respect and with that his friendship as well. But another weird acquaintance comes in the face of Cipher, a woman, who’s unknown to us but an image convinces Dom to go against his friends, steals an EMP and nuclear codes. But even after Vin Diesel’s hard attempt, it was not him who owned the movie… not at all.

Since I started talking about stealing the show, the first scene that truly entertains the audience and boosts up the adrenalin, is with Dwayne “Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham, whose jail break scene was one of the best I’ve seen. It’s well written, has outstanding fight scenes, and Johnson and Statham, who after delivering such an impressive performance will arise before your eyes. But it was not Mr. Johnson and Jason Statham who earns kudos from us. Charlize Theron as the first female villain just nails it. The fire in her eyes, the intelligence of her mind and excellent acting ability gives Cipher enough room to grow from an average villain to a strong one, that even Dom’s team can barely handle…

The Fate of the Furious is a solid follow-up to its previous part, but without Paul Walker, sadly. As you watch the movie, you feel sometimes that the storyline was dragged out, and some scenes were forced. But even having those negative sides of the movie still won’t stop you from enjoying it throughout. But in the end, of course, without giving much away from its ending, there is something you will look forward to after you end watching it… One reason, obviously, I can’t mention here… But the second one I would do it gladly… We all would like to see a separate movie with Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, as having both of them in one movie is enough not to worry about your time, that I promise, you would never waste….

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