Tribeca Review: “The Clapper” (2017) ★★★★

When it comes to Film Festivals, it is normal to watch mainly those films that may not ever be released in the country you are in. As for me, I try to refrain from watching any comedies during the festival as you know there is a chance that it may come out any time soon. However, that rule of mine was broken and honestly, I could not be more happier about that. The Clapper was my first movie of Monday morning and it brought me sunshine while it was cloudy outside with a chance of rain.

Eddie Krumble (Ed Helms) and his friend Chris (Tracy Morgan) work as clappers for infomercials. Their earned money may not be enough to have a luxurious life, but enough to have a content and less stressful one. Eddie does not have much interesting going on until the moment when he meets Judy, a local gas station attendant. But that happiness is about to disappear soon, as the sudden face of Eddie costs him and Judy’s job. Not knowing how else to find Judy, Eddie agrees to appear on Jayme Stillerman’s show in order to find the only light of his life.

Judy is a very simple girl who does not enjoy working as a gas station attendant, but loves the view from inside her cabin, especially at night. Eddie is a funny man who becomes famous when the host of a local show where Eddie appeared many times, and in many more as a paid audience, dubs Eddie as a “Clapper”. That causes Eddie too much trouble, but not as much to Judy until she learns who Eddie is.

As the story unfolds, Eddie and Judy fall for each other but never get a chance to confess as the hunt for a national clapper begins, and sometimes in a very unpredictable way. When Judy loses her job and disappears without trace, Eddie’s best friend Chris recommends him to appear live on TV in order to locate Judy’s whereabouts. But when that happens , people who would laugh at Eddie and make fun of him start seeing in him a romantic and very caring person who wants to find the love of his life.

The Clapper has an interesting and very cute concept. Written and directed by Dito Mantiel, The Clapper is full of charm and loaded with unlimited amount of scenes that make you go aww and laugh, which is very important to keep you energized throughout the movie. It is also a very easygoing movie with harmless and a feel good subject matter. Amanda Seyfried as Judy is adorable and so real. With no make up or fancy dress, she brings Judy in the same way, I am sure the writer/filmmaker envisioned. Overall, The Clapper is a movie that will make you clap every time when you will realize how good it is. In order to make you laugh, it never uses Seth Rogen type of language, which I should say, is most of the time annoying.

In the end, The Clapper is a worthwhile movie by all means. You may never have to watch it twice, but once will be more than enough to think like you have done it many times. It looks so familiar and down to earth comedy, that we all need nowadays to watch every day!

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