Tribeca Review: “Son of Sofia” (2017) ★★★★

As a film critic and a big movie lover, I always anticipate more from a movie than what it might actually deliver. But when the outcome is what I expected, that is even better. Son of Sofia written and directed by Elina Psykou got to my nerves throughout the movie. It made me angry and lost somewhere in between. Not because of bad filmmaking, no, not at all. It was so great that I could not believe I had to keep talking to myself in order to answer the questions I was not able to comprehend.

The story of Son of Sofia is really simple, at least that’s how it appears in the beginning.  It revolves around 11-year-old Misha, who flies from Russia to Athens to join his mother. But what the little boy did not know is that there is a father awaiting for him. Sofia, who remarries in Athens, hesitates telling the truth to her son, which eventually makes him to step into a dangerous world of early adulthood, where there is a fine line between acceptance and rejection of love.…

It’s 2004, Greece is still in the bubble of dreams thanks to the Olympics Games. Sofia’s new husband, Mr. Nikos tries hard to educate his step-son. And don’t get him wrong, he actually does an amazing job in his approach. But what an inexperienced parent did not know is that time for adaption was required for Misha to accept the kindness of Mr. Nikos and appreciate his mother’s sacrifice in order to bring him to Athens.

I could not help, but had to analyze why and what went wrong with Misha. But then, knowing his cultural background, from where he comes, and a shocking acquaintance with a new father leaves no chances for Misha to think clearly. It is also due to Sofia’s fear, as she did not know how else to open up the truth about her marriage to a much older man.

To conclude that, there are many things needed to be told about Elina Psykou’s movie. It has the life of a fairy tale with an unusual storyline. It’s about high expectations of a new life, and tender approach to Misha’s inner world. While the performance was outstanding, the entire movie leaves so much for imagination. Even though with a clear conclusion, Son of Sofia will trigger a debate afterwards to see who got the psychological aspect of Misha right. And if you did, please do share as every opinion is always appreciated by me.

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