Hot Docs 2017 Review: “Ask the Sexpert” (2017) ★★★★

Sex education is very important on many levels. And it is wrong when someone says this can be discussed by adults only. It does not matter if the society is advanced or way behind, regardless of where you are from, it will help in preventing many unnecessary problems that may occur due to an early sexual awakening of certain individuals that were considered too young to be taught a very important subject matter. However, in some societies, it is important to talk about it more than any other. Dr. Mahinder Watsa is 91 years old. He worked as a gynecologist for 9 years and writes his own column in the Mumbai MIrror Newspaper called Ask the Sexpert.

Ask the Sexpert follows Dr. Watsa who since 1976 dedicated his life to guide every man and woman that were in need of his guidance, suggestion to improve their sex life. Even when he has a discussion with his patients, he does not simply talk about sexual preferences but rather his or her psychological aspect of the mind that brings that individuals to the doctor in the first place. As it happens in India, it is intriguing to see the young generation, somewhat hesitatingly, but still open to discuss something that might help them to be more safe once they decide to take the first step.

It’s absolutely stunning to see a country of over a billion people where many do not even support the mention of the word “sex” and to have Dr. Mahinder Watsa talking about it. Not only that, doing this without fear, promoting open-mindedness and willingness to discuss a closed subject for society alone deserves an award to be presented to Dr. Watsa. Every single day you will learn from the sexologist that almost seventy five letters per day comes on his email. Some might be weird some not. But the idea of having those questions addressed to him is a clear indication of rapid changes that happen in Mumbai alone.

In conclusion, Vaishali Sinha’s film quickly, at least for me, became Hot Docs’ most favorite documentary film so far. Its humoristic approach, subtly developed subject matter widens throughout the movie.  His discussion with patients and desire to work towards the progress of intimate life is impressive and laudable. This is why this movie, either you question to Dr. Watsa or not, must be seen without any questions, as it’s educational, bold and colorful by all means.

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