Jewish Film Festival Review: “The Pickle Recipe” (2016) ★★★


Anyone who was fortunate enough to eat Polish pickles will understand the entire drama occurring in Michael Manasseri’s The Pickle Recipe. It is filled with salty and delicious pickles, a man who hunts after the famous ingredients and a life-changing lesson that, it’s not the pickle that brings happiness, but the family.…

Joey is desperate for cash, broke and has no back-up plan to get back on his feet. As the important day of his 13-year-old daughter approaches fast, the man agrees to fulfil his uncle Morty’s request to get his mother, Rose’s famous pickle recipe that makes the entire town to go crazy about it. But as soon as Joey embarks himself on such an adventures journey, he develops a special bond with granny Rose, makes a new friendship and meets the love of his life….

The Pickle Recipe has a very simple narrative, but very cute and moving. Honestly, many would have turned their backs on this film as it has no big names in it, while the main character of the film is a Polish pickle. But seriously, how can one dislike this film when it can be used as a great appetizer? If you feel hungry, it certainly can help to speed up your way to the kitchen, but of course, for that you will have to finish watching the film first.

Joey is a man that is willing to do anything to not disappoint the only thing left after his dead marriage – his daughter. As you understand his reasons of why he has to do what he does, he still fails to earn some respect from the audience. But that won’t continue endlessly, as at some point you start seeing in him a kinder human being, a man in whom Rose herself starts gaining trust.

Overall, Manasseri’s film is fun to watch. It does not overload with the plot and is easy to digest. The time, surprisingly, passes quickly after creating a charming environment where you start ignoring some gaps the film has, but enjoy that sweet relationship between Joey and Rose, which at the end of the day is a winning ticket for the film when it can deliver what it’s meant to… and that is what is more important than anything else.

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