TV Review: “Twin Peaks” (2017 – ) ★★★★★

There are a few classic shows I grew up with such us The X-Files, Bangkok Hilton (that made me admire Nicole Kidman for her truly outstanding performance and even more for her talent since then), the Australian Return to Eden (if you have not seen it, then you better do), soap opera Santa Barbara (don’t ask me, it’s a long story), Moonlighting, and David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks. The abovementioned did a great deal in my life by creating a foundation for me to love TV. That said, the return of Twin Peaks after twenty-five long years made me realize there is a reason why old school is called old school, because underneath of it lies intelligence, ability to break time and create unimaginably beautiful things a new or young generation can only dream of.

Do you know what is the best thing about Twin Peaks? Oh, I am sorry! Of course, you do! It’s David Lynch. His excellent ability to choose any angle, having his camera focused on certain objects in a way you don’t need much dialogues to understand what he tries to say. Twin Peaks was not just a series that we all wanted to occupy the TV, if you wish, all day long. It’s intelligent, fast-paced storyline, beloved actors, and the characters make it one of the best written. But you see, it’s a series that will be passed on from one generation to another with grace and pride. Because what you see in a newly revived version of it is spectacular, uncompromising, dark and unpredictable.

Picking up twenty-five years after, with reprised roles from Kyle MacLachlan as an FBI Agent, Dale Cooper and Shery Lee as great and as strong as the force Laura Palmer ensures the weirdness of the show to continue in a way that is better than its original. ‘I am Laura Palmer’ Laura cautiously says, not too sure if she is who she is when Dale Cooper asks who she was. Indeed, it was her, an aged, but still a beautiful version of Laura, but still… Was she just an imagination, machine, or certain device that triggers her to appear before Cooper’s eyes. However, the answer will be provided quickly when you realize where and for what reason agent Cooper had to disappear for twenty-five years.

Tracey brings coffee to a man she admires. His name is Joe. First time she was unable, but the second time she was able. But trust me, if she had a time travel machine, she would wish never to get back to the room to stare at the glass box, that seems nothing happens in it, but it does after quite someone, which will be the most horrifying scenes ever seen in Twin Peaks. Yes, it will be a murder, but not just a regular one with a gun or a knife. This will be different, scary, creepy, and despite that, beautifully shot.

I can go on and on to tell what happened in the first two episodes of Twin Peaks and give up, unintentionally, information that can be considered as spoilers. But certain series or films do not require much of reviews or synopsis to be read because you know it will still justify your expectations. So just turn your TV on, tune on Showtime, and start watching the series from now on, nobody will ever stop talking about – Twin Peaks.

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