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ICFF 2017 Review: “Fiore” (2016) ★★★★


Love itself is not forbidden, but is not allowed in one place in the world – prison. But when you stop two people from loving each other, they will find another way to experience that little happiness they can, and for that if law must be broken, they will even let this to happen as well.

Daphne (Daphne Scoccia) is sent to prison for robbery. She is expected to spend at least a year there if she behaves well. And she would, if not for Josh (Josciua Algeri) who she meets in the prison. Through the letters they send to each other, which is against the rule, the two continue developing feelings towards each other. Knowing very little about the other, Daphne and Josh learn to love each other in an unlikely way.

Fiore directed by Claudio Giovannesi is a beautiful story about true love that can be found in a place where love is the last thing to have crossed anyone’s mind. But in less dangerous environment, mainly in European prisons, the jail in Fiore appears more fit to term it as correctional. It even gives permission to Daphne to have a quality time with her father outside of prison, which you don’t see or hear much from Hollywood films.

Daphne is not a bad girl, but inherits bad qualities from street life. Did her father contribute to it in a way being away from her due to himself being imprisoned back then? Probably. But what is more important is who he is right now and the support he provided Daphne in every possible way.

As a matter of fact, Fiore is a very encouraging story where you can see where Daphne will end up long after the film ends. And that is the best thing any movie can offer, when you expect way more after the blue screen fades to black. It tells about love, rules and believe it or not, the importance of it to be broken. And being broken not for the sake of a committing a crime, but for the sake of love. and that is what Fiore is about.

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