Film Review: Netflix`s “Okja” (2017) ★★★★★

It’s remarkable just to have a thought of something like Okja might happen in real life. Bong Joon Hoo’s Snowpiercer  was controversial and mind-blowing in many ways. Having an important subject matter explored in one single movie was eye-opening as many people try not to think about global population and what will happen if we overpopulate this planet. Getting back to Okja – it is not Snowpiercer though, but more humane…

Set in New York 2007, Mirando Corporation decides to raise a special kind of pig across 28 countries’ farmland. One of them reaches Seoul, a rural area of Sang Pain, where ten years later little Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn) is taking care of Okja as if that animal was her own child. Having developed a special bond with this extremely friendly animal, Mija has no idea that one day her best friend will have to travel to New York to attend the biggest festival. But the whole problem is, Mirando Corporation is not as genuine as it seems, and carries an evil plan that is about to be executed. But there is one challenge the company has to face before succeeding… to stop the little girl who has no intention of letting Okja go…

When the movie begins, Lucy/Nancy (Tilda Swinton), CEO of Mirando Corporation delivers a touching speech that brings hope and prosperity to the future of her campaign. Mija, on the other hand, is in Japan playing adorably with Okja, while her old grandpa is waiting for her to have dinner. Mija, however, does not know that her grandpa does not tell her the complete truth about the pig. When a famous entertainer and TV personality, played by the great Jake Gyllenhaal, is sent to Japan to deliver Okja to New York for the forthcoming event, Mija learns that the money sent to the company to buy Okja from them has never served its purpose, and now they want, as they call Okja, ‘their property’ back.

During the transportation of Okja to the Seoul office, Okja meets the group of people, lead by Jay (Paul Dano) and introduced themselves as ALF, whose main mission is to release all animals from the place of abuse. During their incredible journey from Seoul to New York, everybody involved in this trip learns the true love to animal, kindness and generosity that no money can buy. But the biggest winner of this story is Okja the pig, whose willingness to show compassion and love to a human being is truly profound.

Bong Joon Hoo’s Okja is an adorable film about two creatures that can be watched by the entire family. Despite some offensive language used in the film, it could be qualified as a great adventure movie where the mix of drama and subtle humor will manage to land in the heart its audience. Beautifully told Okja is full of unforgettable scenes, especially the one involved with Mija and Okja in the village. The connection they both share is infectious and deep, teaching the younger audience love unconditionally. That said, the move scheduled to be premiered on Netflix this upcoming Friday is worthwhile seeing by all means. Which I hope you will love it as much as I did.

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