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Film Review: “Brigsby Bear” (2017) ★★★★★

We all grew up watching our favorite shows when we were a child. But when the time came, it caught us by surprise when all of a sudden we had to transport ourselves from childhood to adulthood in no time. But what about yesterday or the day before when we could watch programs on TV that we cherished the most? The time when we had nothing to worry about but the next episode of our favorite cartoon series or TV show? BRIGSBY BEAR was one of those movies I kept in the darkness from myself.

I chose not to know anything about it. I just got a glass of water, entered the theater in anticipation to see the story of a boy who refused to grow up due to his favorite cartoon character he wanted to look like or even follow. My bad. What I did not expect is its dramatic turn five minutes after, when smile and tears became a great combination as a logical response to the cutest story I’ve even seen. And it is safe to mention, you probably will as well…

“We have a dream and imagination to escape with” – says Ted, James’ father, who enables his son to become the most dedicated fan of a cartoon series about Brigsby Bear. As a hero who fights against the Sun Snatcher, Brigsby Bear earns the heart of millions of fans around the world, and James’ as well. But the only problem is, those millions of fans have never existed and the only viewer this series ever had – was James himself.

Everything you read above happens within five minutes after the opening. Then you ask, what next? But next is when the police arrives to arrest Ted and April, they finally release James from captivity he did not even know he was in. Thinking that the air was toxic, James was kept inside of the house for twenty five years without the ability to grow up into a man. However, a few good things happened to him while he was away from his family – he knew how not to be hopeless, not giving up, having a creative mind and be determined to complete the show with the logical ending.

The transition into a new life begins, but not so smoothly though. Being accepted as an emotionally harmed young man, a twenty-five years old James learns he has a sister Aubrey, with whom he becomes a good friend. His real parents try to be supportive but are not sure how to distance him from the last twenty-five years of life he had.  Psychologically, still in process to cope with the new changes, yet sane and full of imagination, James finds a best friend in Spencer, who becomes a fan of Brigsby as well as Detective Vogel (Greg Kinnear), with whom James builds a special bond.

BRIGSBY BEAR is a beautifully told story, moving and with deep meaning. It is co-written by Kevin Costello and Kyle Mooney who portrays James in a very touching way. And it’s something which will change you inside out fundamentally. It explores an interesting concept many of us, even myself could relate to. It’s a story of a young man who did not know that he was abducted. Moreover, he had no idea there was another world which exists other than the one he lived in with Brigsby. But it’s not an ordinary story about child abduction or harsh transitioning into a new life. Of course James had, and we would not expect otherwise, his ups and downs in a big city. However, he learns how to turn disadvantage into advantage. He had hope and faith that even his real family would not have. And that’s truly inspiring.

In conclusion, Dave McCary’s BRIGSBY BEAR is one of the most adorable films to have graced the silver screen in a while. It’s kind and harmless, safe to watch and even cool to cry. At some point you will ask yourself, “What kind of movie am I watching now?” But don’t worry about questioning yourself, because I did as well. But only for good and genuine reasons. There is something unusual about McCary’s piece. It forces you to embark yourself into an unbelievable and unforgettable journey with James who knew and knows what he wants from his life. His arresting and positive attitude is so contagious, you will probably want to sing and dance all the time. And when that happens, you know, you’re happy. Because you are watching a movie that triggers nothing short of enormous amounts of happiness and energy you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

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